The MS Rahmani 30 is a CSR programme of MS to motivate Muslim students of Southern India towards IIT. It is a joint effort of MS Education Academy, Hyderabad and Rahmani Foundation, Munger.
It was started after seeing the insignificant representation of Muslims in IIT and other prestigious institutions in India.
The main aim to set up MS Rahmani 30 is to prepare and guide Muslim students for IIT Institutions and thus increase the Muslims’ representation in IITs.
MS started this programme with an intention to bring out the hidden talent of the poor Muslim student and help them achieve bigger goals in life- to propel them into the IITs.
MS Rahmani 30 is an IIT preparatory coaching programme running in collaboration with the Rahmani 30, a Patna based IIT institution an initiative taken by Maulana Wali Rahman.
Inspired by achievements of Rahmani 30, MS started such programme in Hyderabad which enables the students to reach greater heights at national level. The preparatory coaching programme given at MS Rahmani 30 prepares students to get seats in various national level institutions like IIT, NIT, BIT etc.
This is a free integrated programme where best 30 students are selected through rigorous selection process after Class X and given free + 2 year (Inter) and IIT coaching simultaneously. They are also given free food and lodging facility and scholarship of rupees 1,000/- is given to the deserving students.



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