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Teachers have a big responsibility on their shoulder: Dr. S Fiayaz Ahmed

Hyderabad: “All education Commissions remarked that the destiny of the nation is shaped in the class rooms. And the teachers are the torch bearers of the nation. In this context the teachers have a big responsibility on their shoulder”, said Dr. S. Faiyaz Ahmed (Regional Director IGNOU) while delivering a lecture to a group of HODs and principals at the Corporate Office.

He further said, “Teaching is the most complex activities because each student in the class is different and the same method cannot be applied to all. And each student needs different treatment. It is the duty of the teacher to identify the lacking in learners and then teach them”.

He suggested the teachers to keep themselves updated, “Knowledge has to be fresh and one needs to regularly update oneself and keep himself abreast of the latest”. For this he/ she should regularly attend workshops, seminars, conferences, and brainstorming sessions and write articles. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is a must for a teacher.

He further said if you are not up to the expectation of the students, they will ignore you and consider you obsolete. He emphasized to bring out an exclusive journal for teachers:

  • To share teaching ideas and best practices.
  • To make documentation of the works of demanding teachers so that others can replicate that practice.
  • To analyze which method is working best in the class room so that it can be recommended.

Speaking on how to change the mediocre teacher, he said the mediocre teachers should be made to sit in the class room of the good teachers to see the method they are using. He also suggested to introduce teaching diaries. This will enable the mediocre teachers to see what things make the teacher demanding. He explained the qualities of a good teacher.

  • A teacher should smile while entering into his/ her class.
  • There should be a prayer on his/ her lips while entering so that he /she can fulfill the responsibility put on his/ her shoulder.
  • A teacher should always indulge in thinking because thinking affects eternity.
  • He/she should deliver the best of his / her ability.
  • If you are from teaching community and have no love for the subject you are teaching then you are not fit for teaching.

A teacher should have

  • Love for the profession
  • Love for the subject
  • Love for the child
  • Love for social work
  • Ability to Assimilate, understand and translate the ideas into the class.
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