Any knowledge that helps mankind is considered to be beneficial (Naafe). Acquiring Ilm-e- Naafe is obligatory in Islam as it opens the doors of success in this life and beyond.

Following on such tenets, MS has made an endeavour to produce text books that give Ilm-e- Naafe to its readers. This endeavour of MS culminated in the form of Alif Laam Meem.

Alif Laam Meem is a publication series dedicated to the Ummah. Its main objective is to prepare value based school Curriculum that caters the needs and aspirations of Muslim Ummah without compromising on the quality of Education.

After a dedicated research of 6 years on various areas like Child Psychology, Child Development, Islamic Tarbiyat, Educational Management, Curriculum Development and Government Policies across the world, MS Research Foundation has produced text books on language, social studies, maths, and science from class nursery to VI. These books are being taught in more 120 schools and widely prescribed in the Mulism run schools.

The books prepared under Alif Laam Meem Series are a part of integrated Curriculum that focuses on imparting Ilm-e- Naafe. Such books help students practice values through its curricular and co curricular activities so as to develop an all round personality.

The books of Alif Laam Meem Series aim at promoting this idea among the mankind. They also aim at training the learners to locate and comprehend the relationship between the natural, social and cultural environment to develop an understanding based on observations drawn from life experience.

There is an attempt towards building up a scientific aptitude and temperament in the learners. Besides making them realize the existence of Allah and His creations, this book teaches them to be thankful to Allah for all His bounties, refrain from inhumane acts and to develop reasoning that leads to the correct path destined for us.

While preparing these books special care has been taken to ensure that the beneficiaries of this syllabus are not left behind in any means. It comes with many other deliverables like Teacher’s Manuals, Value Chart, Child Manual, Observation tracker, Activities, Assessments and more.

To prepare books under Alif Laam Meem series, MS has roped in a group of Psychologists, Educationists, Subject Experts, Historians, Religious Experts and Content Developers whose research based input has resulted in the development of this series

The salient features of the books under Alif Laam Meem series are as follows:

  • Promotes national integration
  • Inculcates patriotism
  • Cultivates faith
  • Imbibes values
  • Encourages analytical thinking and reasoning
  • Teaches the Quran and Hadith
  • Builds character and personality
  • Focuses on all round development

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