What is IIT?

Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is an institute of prime national importance. There are no parallels to either the kind of Infrastructure it facilitates or the quality of Education it imparts. Those inducted in them feel privileged because it opens doors to a rosy future, here and abroad. Once they complete education in these prestigious institutions, they find themselves speeding away on a highway to Super-Success. An IITian stands tall among other engineers solely because of the matchless grooming it receives from the institutes and also because of the classy ensemble of Peers.

They shine in the world market and take-up enviable positions in big Organisation. The rewards they reap in the form of hefty pays ranging from several lakhs to a few crores per annum in itself is an affirmation of the respect they command in International market (Here are some facts: A US company “Pocket Gems” recruited Karan Narain for annual package of 73 lakhs per annum. “FaceBook” hired an IITian for an annual salary of 64 lakhs. “Google” recruited 4 students for a salary of 51 lakhs per annum.

Dhiraj Kumar Singh had bagged a Rs 1.7 crore offer from Facebook which is the highest ever across all IITs).

This is a wake-up call to those under-privileged talented Muslim students who don’t have the vision or understanding as to: ” What if takes to make it Big?”. For some, their weak financial condition may be a hindrance and for others lack of guidance could be a hurdle.

MS has pledged to help out these deserving candidates in every way possible to realize their dream. Let us strive together for the upliftment of the Muslim Community.


IIT-JEE is the only common entrance exam that a student pursing Engineering has to compulsorily write. Those who excel with top ranks will undoubtedly be absorbed into the IITs and the rest will be counseled for admissions into other Engineering colleges in the country/state per set rules and criteria laid down locally.


UCEED- 2016( IIT Mumbai )

M. L. Khalid

40 All india Rank

Muthir Ur Rahman Anas

231 All india Rank

Syed Abdur Razaq

326 All india Rank

Shahwar Ahmed Khaleel

695 All india Rank


66334422 / 66334622


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