The integration of Islamic and modern education culminated in the form of MS Rahmani School. This School aims to prepare its students in four spheres and develop their personality in all desired fields.

The project aims at grooming a new breed of students who are Aalim/Hafiz and leaders of their professional fields like Medicine, Engineering, Law, Journalism, Civil Services and more. It has arranged expert teachers, modern technology, effective techniques and all relevant facilities to ensure effective implementation of this integrated concept of Modern and Islamic Education.

As a part of its CSR initiatives, MS Education Academy collaborated with Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani Sahab to launch MS Rahmani School.
At MS Rahmani School subjects from modern education and madrasa education are taught in parallel to help them excel in both the fields. Sports, computers, library, laboratories and more are offered to keep these students aware, update in this ever changing world.

MS Rahmani School is a residential school starting from fourth class. Children are provided with all the infrastructure facility. They are made fluent in three languages Urdu, Arabic and English under the best faculty. Children are made to practise Sunnah, offer namaz and all the Islamic teachings on a regular basis. It was started in 2014 and alhamdulillah achieved our goal. Children can speak fluently English, Arabic and Urdu. They have improved in sports, vocabulary, learnt asma ul husna and many more.

MS RAHMANI is dream project that would make your child a hafiz doctor, hafiz engineer or any other profession but with a hafiz degree.


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