MS hostel is just like home where all efforts have been made to provide homely comforts to the boarders. The rooms are spacious and airy and fitted with all necessary accessories.

Special care is taken to the safety and security of the boarders and their personal belongings. The entire hostel premise is under CCTV surveillance and 24- hours security system. Their accommodation in the hostel is limited and the selections are made entirely on the basis of merit and need. The hostels facilities are provided to only meritorious and outstation candidates. The hostel has no private rooms. It has dormitories or big rooms where more than 10 students can accommodate. The entire premise of the hostel including bath rooms is neat and clean.

The Mess of the Hostel is run entirely on a non-commercial basis and provides nutritious and hygienic food in a homely environment. There is provision for filtered drinking water round the clock.

There is specific study hours for the hostellers which is strictly followed. Besides they are also imparted Deeni Taleem. The whole time schedule of the hostel is followed as per Islamic Shariah.

The environment at the hostel motivates students to follow Sharia in every walk of life. They not only offer five times namaaz regularly but also get up for Tahajjud.

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