Meeting Expectations


The teaching faculties at MS are qualified and experienced in their respective branches. Teaching is a passion for them. They are very dedicated, competent and highly motivated who are capable of catering to the intellectual needs of the students with varying potential. Our Faculty is at the core; they not just teach, but discover subjects along with students. Each and every staff member is handpicked through rigorous process of selection to ensure that only the most dedicated, competent and motivated faculties are selected.


We feel accountable for the progress of the students, we motivate them, work diligently along with them and when the Results are out, we take pride in them. We sincerely believe that “It’s not your child but OUR child, hope of our community. Let’s script their future together”.


We are very much vigilant about quality of our teachings. What we say is what we do and this forms the quality policy of our institutions. Quality has to be planned at every step of the process. Therefore, we have setup departments like Academic Cell and Research Foundation to ensure consistency in quality of academics for all the branches, Quality assurance in monitoring and professional enhancement in training of the staff.


We know what we do and thus plan it effectively. Students at this age are in transition phase. Therefore, a blend of techniques that are detail oriented in the beginning and lecture oriented later on so as to help them become self reliant and independent. We use smart classes to make concepts live and virtual classes whenever needed to bring top faculty from any where in the world right into the classroom through Video Conferencing. Regular tests to monitor progress and counselling, guidance whenever needed ensures rightful learning as they deserve.


Alhamdulillah! Our results speak volumes about our commitment. We have delivered many state ranks in SSC Board Exams, Intermediate Public Exams, University Exams as well as Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. Many average students become toppers and toppers are many, which proves that we are not just focused on the top but rather specialize in creating toppers from the average. Two first batch students of MS Degree College for Women got University 1st Rank and 5th Rank, in 2014. At Intermediate Public Exam, MS student got State 1st Rank and another 529 students scored above 90% in 2014. At SSC the results are also superb. MS student got 10/10 CGPA and dozens got above 9 CGPA in 2014.

This is a testimony to our sincere efforts and sheer dedication. Please visit awards and achievements section for details.


We understand the needs of our students and we are there for them whenever they need us. It is with compassion that our students become our children and school becomes their home. They entrust us with their deepest closely guarded secrets so that we help them overcome and succeed in life.

Smart Work

Our compassion holds us from over stressing our students or for making them work too hard for that matter. Therefore, we continuously discover ways of working smartly rather hardly and impart this quest in them so that they are not only prepared for the exams but also for any challenge in their lives.

Focus on Fundamentals

We don’t believe in rote learning. The students are mature at this age. We make the subject logical by focusing on fundamentals and they connect the concepts to understand and excel in those subjects. We have devised many techniques in this regards and Memory Notebook is one such tool we use that helps in easy learning, retaining and recalling.

Academic Coordinators

They act as mentor to the students. They are available for each section to help the students as well as the Faculty in the time of need. They are allocated duties to prepare timetable, schedules and deal with other issues related to Academics. The students can get information with regards to their assignments, study material and results from them

Shaping Personalities


Apart from regular classes, we have special get together for Self Discovery that helps students realize their potential and aim for the best. It is through motivation that they start believing in their true potential, explore their latent creativity, develop untiring spirit, never let go attitude; thus shaping a self confident personality that achieves its goals with flying colours

Personality Development

Yes you can!! We instill Confidence, Self Motivation, Positive Attitude, Integrity, Empathy, Passion, Truth, Sincerity in our students and set their vision high and long. So that they graduate into a well developed personality which is a gift to the society and the whole world. This is done through leadership assignments and group activities. We organize Educational Seminars to promote leadership and motivate the youth with the help of success stories. We invite eminent personalities who have struggled hard in their life to achieve recognition and realized their big dreams; So that they inspire our youth to become Achievers and realize their responsibility towards the community and the country.

Life Skills

In the process of grooming and imparting Islamic values, we ensure that a child learns all the nitty gritties of carrying himself in the society. Whether it is communication skills, interpersonal skills, family affairs, stress or anger management, they know how to behave in the best of Akhlaaq while maintain good relations with one and all

Memory Development

The fast paced technological improvements are many that throw a challenge to young minds with their ever changing developments to be learnt retained and then reproduced so as to match oneself to this swiftly transforming fields. We induce memory training as a part of the curriculum so that children seamlessly adopt these techniques and make learning easier. We also teach Mathematical tricks and methods of faster calculations so that the child develops confidence and affinity towards Analytical Thinking, Reasoning and Strategy.

Career Guidance

Efforts without a Purpose doesn’t achieve Results. We have experienced professionals from different fields associated with us. They not only act as an example but also counsel students to understand the intricacies of each profession and help them set their targets on professional studies as well as the Future job prospects.

Spiritual & Moral Guidance

Spiritual experts (Aalim-e-Deen) works with our staff and students to enlighten them with religious teachings, an important element that helps students stay grounded and focussed. These teachings cover moral values, behaviour with self & society (Akhlaaq, Muamalaat) other than the fundamentals. It helps them stay disciplined and exhibit best conduct.

Providing facilities


Children cannot be forced to believe or behave. Therefore, we create an environment that instill discipline, concentration, spirit of competition, spiritual motivation and thirst for success. An environment that is consistent, conducive, safe, healthy and prosperous and unintimidating so as to let the child grow, learn, groom and develop confidently while carving his/her Identity.

Medical Facility

Students are our top priority and so is their health. We listen with care and create environment wherein they can discuss if there is any medical need. We have JIT (Just in Time) mechanism to handle any medical emergency or acute medical attention by calling Doctor or taking the student to the facility. First-Aid supplies are readily available at the reception


We value hard work and results. Therefore, we offer many scholarships for meritorious students as a fee waiver upto 100% in top batches of excellence. Other than the meritorious scholarships we have many alternate bursaries for the deserving and the seekers. We have provisions for good Samaritans of the society as well.


We maintain Just like Home environment to cut down the chances of depression often encountered by students of this age. Right from Food, Bedding, Relaxation, Toiletries to Safety and Security, everything is maintained with utmost diligence. Study hours are mentored, Prayers are encouraged and other activities are monitored religiously. Rooms are spacious and clean. Home cooked, hygienic food is provided at the hostel. Transportation facility to and from college is also provided. However, Seats are limited and are only allotted at the sole discretion of the management.

Outstation Support

Exclusive orientation for getting acquainted with the topography of our Location including but not limited to Accommodation, Transportation, Shopping, Dining, etc.


Separate blocks or buildings are maintained for boys and Girls in Schools, Colleges as well as Hostels. Utmost care and precaution is taken in assigning duties in such campuses so that male staff is for boys and girls get only the female staff.

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