Chairman's Message

Mohammed Lateef Khan

Chairman, MS Schools, Junior Colleges, Degree Colleges and Education Centre.

Dear Parents,

In the midst of fast moving world where everyone talks about equality in Men and Women; what do Muslim parents do, when it comes to the higher education of their beloved daughters? Education is a must, not only in the contemporary society but it is a social obligation, a compulsion in Islam whether they are Men or Women. However, keeping one’s daughter safe is the topmost priority of parents today.

In this scenario what a Muslim parent should look for in a Higher Educational Institution can be summed up as:

  • An educational institution that has Safe and Secure environment for Girls
  • An institution that emphasizes Islamic values while imparting quality modern education
  • An institution that equips students with life skills, job readiness and teaches one to carry herself judiciously in any situation within the boundaries of Islam

MS Education Academy has set up 4 Degree Colleges affiliated to the Osmania University to address these very concerns of the parents about higher education of their daughters. Simultaneously, fulfill the demand from the parent community, who has so far trusted us.

We truly believe “If you Educate a man; you educate an individual. If you educate a woman; you educate a generation.” This is true fact as a woman’s role in life goes beyond her career. She is also expected to play a major role in managing the home and grooming the children.

At MS, we have devised the curriculum in such a way that the girls get fully equipped to lead their lives confidently. We train them in not just academics or life skills but imbibe in them the timeless cultural and social values of Islam in behaviour. This makes them adept at balancing both home and career with ease. Whether, Personal or Professional sphere, they will be prepared to exhibit best of Akhlaaq, Talent and determination thereby proving to be a prized asset wherever they go Inshaa Allah.

We wish and pray that we all succeed in this noble mission and create a community that has strong lmaan, promotes good deeds and feels accountable.

MS Degree College for Women

MS Degree Colleges for Women was started to provide a safe and secure Islamic environment for female students. An environment that grooms them into responsible and confident individuals by enabling them to:

  • Develop a positive attitude.
  • Inculcate good moral values.
  • Build character.

To fulfill the quest of students in the maturation phase of their careers, MS Degree College offers courses with promising opportunities. Specializations in the faculties of Science, Commerce, Management, and Arts are provided in the form of B.Sc., B. Com, B.A., and BBA.

We believe that every woman is a natural multi-tasker, they aren’t just professionals in their fields, but also mothers, the first teachers for their children, and aspiring entrepreneurs. Therefore, we have integrated our programs with courses on Entrepreneurship in collaboration with EdVenture Park, Teacher Training in collaboration with AIICCEE and Software Programming in collaboration with

Courses Offered

We believe that a student must be free to choose a course of study based on their aspirations, personality, and aptitude.

B. Com (Computer Applications)

B. Com (Computer Applications) candidates are readily employable if they are good at various accounting packages and Pan Rect Test. Several career opportunities are available in the Public and Private sectors for computerized accounting.


Intermediate (any stream)


Technologically-inclined aptitude. Managerial aptitude. Discipline. Accounting.

B. Com – General (Commerce)

B. Com (Gen) candidates are normally employed in commerce-based streams such as Economics or Accountancy. Typical job profiles are Management Executive, Accounts Executive, Junior Accountant, Accounts Clerks, Audit Clerks, Bank Clerks, Bank Probationary Officers, Cashiers, Sales Manages, Transport Clerks, Sales Demonstrators, etc. in the Public and Private sectors.


Intermediate (any stream)


Business aptitude, interest in A/C keeping, pleasing manners, verbal fluency, persuasive ability, interest in selling, etc.

B.Sc. – Combinations (Applied Nutrition, Zoology, and Chemistry)

B.Sc. Courses in Applied Nutrition, Zoology, and Chemistry can lead to further specializations in the same subjects at the PG level i.e., Applied Nutrition, Zoology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Food Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Virology, and Toxicology.


Intermediate (BiPC)


Aptitude for Biological Science (Applied Nutrition, Zoology, Chemistry), verbal aptitude, interest in health-related subjects or life subjects, and a zeal to protect the environment.


Employment in Business Management, Production Planning, Administration, Finance, Sales, and Marketing. Further education with MBA specialization in the fields of interest is also possible.


Intermediate (any stream)


Knowledge of business management, emerging technologies, problem-solving decision-making, creativity, innovativeness, and teamwork intercultural competence.

B.A. – Combinations (Psychology , English Literature, and Computer Application)

Those who pursue B.A. with Psychology as one of the optional subjects can profitably pursue an M.A. in Psychology. They can also practice as Psychologists or Counselors. They are also eligible for several opportunities in Railways, Banks, CG Offices, and SG Offices through competitive exams. They can further specialize in subjects of their choosing through PG courses in addition to pursuing careers in Education, Law, Physical Education, Marketing, Management, etc.


Intermediate (any stream)


Interest in day-to-day affairs, creative talent appreciation for literacy arts, interest in Social Sciences, verbal aptitude, interest in welfare activities, and clerical aptitude.

3 Years Course divided into 6 Semesters, 2 Semesters each Year:

1st Year Semester-1 Two Internal Assessments – Practical exams and final semester theory exams
Semester-2 Two Internal Assessments – Practical exams and final semester theory exams
2nd Year Semester-3 Two Internal Assessments – Practical exams and final semester theory exams
Semester-4 Two Internal Assessments – Practical exams and final semester theory exams
Final Year Semester-5 Two Internal Assessments – Practical exams and final semester theory exams
Semester-6 Practical exams, Project Report submission and final semester theory exams

Languages are also a part of every course. English as the First Language and a choice of Arabic, Hindi, and Urdu as the Second Language.

Integrated Courses

Certified Pre-Marital Course under Shariah compliance for successful Married Life – Compulsory course for all students

At MS, we truly believe that a confident and successful woman is also the architect of a happy home and successful career. Our programs have been designed to keep you ahead with value-added courses to choose from (one per year).


Year 2022 Toppers:

cGPA Student  Name  Group Hall Ticket
9.73 Ms. Jazia Firdous  B.Sc (ANZC)  1276-19-445-003
9.73 Ms. Hina Sultana  B.Com (Computer Application)  1258-19-405-017
9.67 Ms. Uzma Sultana B.Com (Computer Application)  1276-19-405-045
9.66 Ms. Amatul Aziz B.Sc (ANZC)  1276-19-445-001
9.65 Ms. Sara Sadaf BA (Psy)  1258-19-263-028
9.59 Ms. Nabeha Taiseel BA (Psy)  1258-19-263-029
9.58 Ms. Ishrath Fatima  BA (Psy)  1258-19-263-041
9.57 Ms. Fatima Faiza Aslam B.Com (Computer Application)  1258-19-405-007
9.56 Ms. Ayesha Anwar Qureshi  B.Com (Computer Application)  1258-19-405-008
9.55 Ms. Alina Abdul Kaiyum  B.Com (Computer Application)  1274-19-405-006
9.54 Ms. Shaguftha Naaz  B.Com (Computer Application)  1258-19-405-020
9.53 Ms. Heena Begum  B.Com (Computer Application)  1274-19-405-021
9.52 Ms. Syeda Ruhi Firdous B.Com (Computer Application) 1274-19-405-053
9.51 Ms. Neha Begum  B.Com (General)  1275-19-401-038
9.42 Ms. Uamama Anjum  B.Com (Computer Application)  1275-19-405-024
9.39 Ms. Farheen Saleha  B.Sc (ANZC)  1274-19-484-017
9.28 Ms. Nazneen Ahmed  BBA  1275-19-684-003
9.21 Ms. Siloufer Neha  B.Com (General)  1258-19-401-058
9.19 Ms. Safiya Fatima B.Com (General)  1275-19-401-005
9.19 Ms. Rasheed Unnisa Begum  B.Com (General)  1274-19-401-031

Year 2021 Toppers:

cGPA Student Name  Group Hall Ticket
9.76 Ms. Masarath Begum B.Sc (MPCs) 1275-18-468-011
9.57 Ms. Sadiya Begum B.Com (Computer Application)  1258-18-402-033
9.55 Ms. Shagufta BA 1258-18-263-037
9.54 Ms. Qhansa Khan  BA  1258-18-263-023
9.50 Ms. Nabila Fatima B.Com (Computer Application)  1258-18-402-025
9.49 Ms. Juveria Obaid B.Com (Regular)  1258-18-401-058
9.38 Ms. Muskan Afreen B.Com (Computer Application)  1275-18-402-019
9.38 Ms. Khaja Romana B.Com (General)  1275-18-401-038

Affiliated to Osmania University

MSDC Tolichowki

Tolichowki (CC 1275)

Established in 2011

Address: 9-4-132/C/2, Towlichowki, Hyderabad-500 008
Telephone: +91 40 2356 2322 / +91 40 2356 2422


MSDC Malakpet

Malakpet (CC 1276)

Established in 2011

Address: 16-8-923, 924 & 925, Nalgonda X Road, Malakpet, Hyderabad 500 036
Phone: +91 40 2441 1222


MSDC Tolichowki

Charminar / Shahalibanda (CC 1274)

Established in 2011

Address: 20-4-129/UC/30, Shahalibanda, Charminar, Hyderabad 500 001
Phone: +91 40 2456 7723 / +91 40 2456 7724


MSDC Asif Nagar

Asif Nagar (CC 1258)

Established in 2011

Address: 12-2-837/6, Asif Nagar, Mehdipatnam Road, Hyderabad – 500 028
Phone: +91 40 2353 5322


+91 77330 08622


Asif Nagar:

040-23562322 / 23562422

040-24567723 / 24567724


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