Chairman's Message

Mohammed Lateef Khan

Chairman, MS Schools, Junior Colleges, Degree Colleges and Education Centre.

Dear Parents
In the midst of fast moving world where everyone talks about equality in Men and Women; what do Muslim parents do, when it comes to the higher education of their beloved daughters? Education is a must, not only in the contemporary society but it is a social obligation, a compulsion in Islam whether they are Men or Women. However, keeping one’s daughter safe is the topmost priority of parents today. In this scenario what a Muslim parent should look for in a Higher Educational Institution can be summed up as:

  • An educational institution that has Safe and Secure environment for Girls
  • An institution that emphasises islamic values while imparting quality modern education
  • An institution that equips students with life skills, job readiness and teaches one to carry herself judiciously in any situation within the boundaries of Islam

MS Education Academy has set up 4 Degree Colleges affiliated to the Osmania University to address these very concerns of the parents about higher education of their daughters. Simultaneously, fulfill the demand from the parent community, who has so far trusted us.

We truly believe “If you Educate a man; you educate a individual. If you educate a woman; you educate a generation.” This is true fact as a woman’s role in life goes beyond her career. She is also expected to play a major role in managing the home and grooming the children. At MS, we have devised the curriculum in such a way that the girls get fully equipped to lead their lives confidently. We train them in not just academics or life skills but imbibe in them the timeless cultural and social values of Islam in behaviour. This makes them adept at balancing both home and career with ease. Whether, Personal or Professional sphere, they will be prepared to exhibit best of Aqhlaaq, Talent and determination thereby proving to be a prized asset wherever they go Inshaa Allah.

We wish and pray that we all succeed in this noble mission and create a community that has strong lmaan, promotes good deeds and feels accountable.

MS Degree College for Women

The need to start up MS Degree Colleges for Women was very simple and straightforward; to provide a safe and secure Islamic environment for girl students so that

  • Develops Positive Attitude
  • Inculcates Good Moral Values &
  • Builds Character

thus making them responsible and confident individuals. To fulfill the quest of students who are in the maturation phase of their careers, MS Degree College offers courses that lead to women oriented jobs and also provide good career advancement. Specialization in the Faculties of Science, Commerce and Arts are provided in the form of B.Sc, B.Com and B.A. For the Entrepreneurs, Industrialists, Managers who count on facts to make effective decision in the Finance and Administration fields, who want to be great planners and strategists, B.Com is a good option. For the creative minds who wish to make their niche in their chosen field, who can express, communicate and investigate, who can administer and lead, who has the courage to question why are things the way they are; B.A. is the right choice. And for the analytical minds that believes in experiments, who are fascinated by exploration, discovery, concepts and like to contribute to it further, B.Sc is a great option.

It is the goal of MS to provide Quality Education in Islamic Environment. Therefore all efforts are made to deliver the best of Academics without compromising on Life Skills including Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Personality Development and Creative Thinking. Moreover, all the branches are fully equipped with library, respective laboratories, games and sports facilities, all bundled up in a conducive environment that builds complete personalities.

The entire program is designed and integrated in such a way that the student finds their interest in it, girls are grounded to the roots, they respect thier family and culture, they are aware of the competition, they are abreast with industry requirements, loaded with passion and equipped with all the skills needed to excel in the relevant professional or personal pursuit who is a Perfect Career Woman and a Perfect Home Maker.

Courses Offered

A range of courses are offered as follows. Course of study should be chosen based on the student’s interest, aptitude and liking. English is compulsorily taught as First Language in I and II Year. Students have to simultaneously choose a Second Language and study it in I and II Year. The choice of Arabic, Hindi and Urdu is available.

Science Faculty

B.Sc – Combinations:

Botany, Zoology, Chemistry


Intermediate with BiPC


Aptitude for Biological Science (Botany, Zoology, Organic Chemistry), Verbal aptitude, Interest in Health subjects or life subjects, Zeal to save environment.

Career Options:

B.Sc Courses in Botany, Zoology and Organic Chemistry can lead to further studies of same subjects in PG level i.e Botany, Zoology, Organic Chemistry, Bio chemistry, Bio technology, Food Science, Biomedical Sciences, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Sciences, Virology, Toxicology. The successful candidates at PG level (55%) above are employed as lectures in various Colleges with good pay package. They can also pursue opportunities in Research and Development (R & D), Pharmaceuticals and Chemical industries, Public Health and Environmental Protection Sectors, Clinical Research, Waste Management, etc.

B.Sc – Combinations:

Maths, Physics, Chemistry


Intermediate with MPC


Reasoning ability, Analytical ability, Ability to understand abstract concepts, Innovation & Quick services to user agencies.

Career Options:

B.Sc Courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry can lead to further studies of same subjects in PG level i.e Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc. The successful candidates at PG level (55%) above are employed as lectures in various Colleges with good pay package. They can also pursue Research and Development, Management Service, Computing, Statistical work, etc.

B.Sc – Combinations:

Maths, Physics, Chemistry


Intermediate with MPC


Reasoning ability, Analytical ability, Ability to understand abstract concepts, Innovation & Quick services to user agencies.

Career Options:

B.Sc Courses in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry can lead to further studies of same subjects in PG level i.e Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc. The successful candidates at PG level (55%) above are employed as lectures in various Colleges with good pay package. They can also pursue Research and Development, Management Service, Computing, Statistical work, etc.

B.Sc – Combinations:

Maths, Physics, Computer Science


Intermediate with MPC


Flair for technology, Reasoning ability, Analytical ability, Comprehension, Ability to understand abstract concepts, Innovation & Quick services.

Career Options:

B.Sc Courses in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science can lead to further studies like MCA, MSc, etc. Computer Science qualified Graduates are employable as Researcher, System Architect, Computer Programmer, Jr. System Analyst, Application Developers, Computer Maintenance supervisors or Asst System Administrators They can do PG courses as well as specialized courses as per the need of the hour and find job expeditiously.

Commerce Faculty

B.Com – Combinations:



Intermediate with CEC


Business aptitude, Interest in A/c keeping, Pleasing manners, Verbal fluency, Persuasive ability, Interest in selling, etc.

Career Options:

B.Com (Gen) candidates are normally employed in any of the streams of Commerce, such as Economics, Accountancy or work as Management Executive, Accounts Executive, Junior Accountant, Accounts Clerks, Audit Clerks, Bank Clerks, Bank Probationary Officers, Cashiers, Sales Manages, Transport Clerks, Sales Demonstrators, etc in both public and Private sectors.

B.Com – Combinations:

Commerce with Computers


Intermediate with CEC


Computing aptitude, Managerial aptitude, Neatness, Order integrity, Accountability.

Career Options:

B.Com (Computers) Candidates are quickly employable if they are good at various Accounts packages and Pan Rect Test. Plenty jobs are available in both Govt., and Private sectors for computerized accounting.

Arts Faculty

B.A. – Combinations:

Psychology, English Literature, Political Science


Intermediate in any group


Interest in day-to- day affairs, creative talent appreciation for literacy arts, Interest in Social Science, Verbal aptitude, Interest in welfare activities, Clerical aptitude.

Career Options:

Those who do BA with Psychology as one of the optional subjects can profitably do MA (Psychology) and land in lucrative jobs in Industry, Banks, Education, Hospitals, Schools. They can also practice as Psychologist or Counselor. They are also eligible for many jobs which are filled in Railways, Banks, CG Offices, SG Offices through Competitive Exams. They can later do PG courses in same subjects or other Professional courses in Education, Law, Physical Education, Marketing, Management, etc.

General Information

Duration: 3 years
First Language: English
Second Language: Arabic, Hindi and Urdu
College Timing: 8:45am to 2:30pm
(Friday 8:30am to 12:30pm)
Admission Eligibility: Should have passed Board of Intermediate exam (IPE) or its equivalent.

Application Enclosures:

The following documents must be enclosed along with the application form:

  • SSC Marks Memo
  • Intermediate Marks Memo
  • Transfer Certificate
  • Caste Certificate (if claiming scholarship)
  • Migration Certificate (if non local)
  • Four latest passport size photographs
  • Police Clearance (if foreign student)


We know what we do and thus plan it effectively. Students at this age are in maturation phase of their careers. Therefore, a blend of techniques that involves hands on approach, logical deduction and application to real life are implemented to help them become self reliant and independent. We use smart classes to make concepts live and virtual classes whenever needed to bring top faculty from anywhere in the world right into the classroom through Video Conferencing. Regular tests are conducted to monitor progress. Counselling and guidance whenever needed is provided to ensure rightful learning happens as they deserve.

In order to give an exposure of the real life scenarios and help them start planning their careers, we organize Extension lectures by guest faculty who are experts in different fields or industry. This not only creates awareness amongst them but also help them carve a niche for themselves in the real world.

Islamic environment:

The Islamic environment is always there with emphasis on purdah, purity and piety. For this purpose, Prayer Halls are provided in all the Colleges and Special classes are held on the subject of Deeniyat with increasing order of knowledge. Women’s Congregations are held to expand the knowledge on specific current topics of interest.

They are also groomed in various aspects of house management, family affairs, relationship building and maintaining best of Aklaaq in all circumstances through special lectures, discussions and projects.

The Degree Colleges are exclusively Women’s Colleges and the element of male staff is kept to the minimum. Once inside the College, the students are not allowed to go out unless accompanied by the parents or guardians.


Set in the backdrop of well ventilated, safe and secure premises, MS Degree College boasts of state of the art facilities be it a Computer, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology lab or Gameroom. All classrooms are well furnished and allow smooth teaching and learning process. prayer room, seminar hall, ample drinking water facilities, facility for refreshments and proper number of well-maintained toilets are provided in each college. Each College office has got a Front Office ready to help the parents, students and staff. They are well supported by active male attendants and security guards.

Library :

The Colleges have got well-stacked Libraries and helpful staff. Students can loan books for extensive reading. Along with the minimum set of books required by the university, we maintain all good books that help students shine brighter, farther and better.


Highly advanced Computer lab with Computing technology and a Server is installed to provide a professional ambience to the future professionals.
It is also equipped with a Projector and screen that not only helps in organizing presentation based lectures, but also display relevant educational videos and conduct virtual classes through video conferencing or telepresence. These labs are safely handled and flexibly provided by highly competent technical staff and subject faculty

Games & Sports:

Women interested in sports and having achieved some degree of excellence are encouraged to participate in various tournaments duly escorted. Indoor games facility is provided in each college. All such games that can be played by college girls are made available.

Providing Facilities:

Environment: Students cannot be forced to believe or behave. Therefore, We create an environment that instill discipline, concentration, spirit of competition, spiritual motivation and thirst for success. An environment that is consistent, conducive, safe, healthy and prosperous and unintimidating so as to let them develop, learn and groom confidently while carving his/her Identity.


Students are our top priority and so is their health. We have JIT (Just in Time) mechanism to handle any medical emergency or acute medical attention by calling Doctor or taking the student to the facility. First-Aid supplies are readily available.


We value hard work and results. Therefore, we offer many scholarships for meritorious students as a fee waiver upto 100% in top batches of excellence. Other than the meritorious scholarships we have many alternate bursaries for the deserving.


We maintain Just-like-Home environment to cut down chances of depression often encountered by students. Right from food, bedding, relaxation, toiletries to safety and security, everything is maintained with utmost diligence. Study hours are mentored, Prayers are encouraged and other activities are monitored religiously. Rooms are spacious and clean. Home cooked, hygienic food is provided at the hostel. Transportation facility to and from college is also provided. However, seats are limited and are only allotted at the sole discretion of the management.

Outstation Support:

Exclusive orientation for getting acquainted with the topography of our Location including but not limited to accommodation, transportation, shopping, dining, etc.,


Girls campuses are very safe and secure and there is little or no involvement of male staff.

MS Advantage

When it’s time for making the most crucial decision of selecting the right school or college for your child, you are in for a challenge. Opinions are many and so are the choices but how to make a decision rather right decision for the future of the child. This question is more experienced than discussed. To make it easy, we provide a simple list of advantages that you will have when you embrace MS.
If you need any clarification or further explanation, you are always welcome to visit any of our branches and we will be glad to assist you.

Meeting Expectations:

Faculty: Teaching is their passion not profession. Our Faculty is at the core; They not just teach, but discover subjects along with students. We handpick each and every staff member through rigorous process of selection to ensure that we only have the most dedicated, competent, motivating faculty capable of catering to the intellectual needs of the students with varying potential. Parents are equal partners in Education and our faculty collaborate with them on need basis.


We feel accountable for the progress of the students, we motivate them, work diligently along with them and when the Results are out, we take pride in them. We sincerely believe that “It’s not your child but OUR child, hope of our community. Let’s script their future together”.


What we say is what we do and this forms the quality policy of our institutions. Quality has to be planned at step of the process. Therefore, we have setup departments like Academic Cell and Research Foundation to ensure consistency in planning of academics for all the branches, Quality assurance in monitoring and professional enhancement in training of the staff.

Quick Solutions:

A parent support system has been established which is in direct supervision of the Managing Director. All questions, issues, concerns, grievances, feedback or suggestions by the parents can be directed to the given phone number or email and they will be answered immediately. This helps in parent collaboration which is the secret to healthy environment and sustenance of any good institution.


Alhamdulillah! Our results speak volumes about our commitment. We have delivered many state ranks in SSC Board Exams, Intermediate Public Exams, University Degree exams as well as Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. Many average students become toppers and toppers are many, which proves that we are not just focused on the top but rather specialize in creating toppers from the average. 41 students above 9 CGPA in SSC 2012 and 230 students above 90% in IPE 2013 is a testimony to our sincere efforts and sheer dedication.


We understand the needs of our students and we are there for them whenever they need us. It is with compassion that our students become our children and college becomes their home. They entrust us with their deepest closely guarded secrets so that we help them overcome and succeed in life.

Smart Work:

Our compassion holds us from over stressing our students or for making them work too hard for that matter. Therefore, we continuously discover ways of working smartly rather hardly and impart this quest in them so that they are not only prepared for the exams but also for any challenge in their lives.

Academic Coordinators:

They act as mentor to the students. They are available for each section to help the students as well as the Faculty in the time of need. They are allocated duties to prepare timetable, schedules and deal with other issues related to Academics. The students can get information with regards to their assignments, study material and results from them.

Shaping Personality


Apart from regular classes, we have special get together for Self Discovery that helps them realize their potential and aim for the best. It is through motivation that they start believing in their true potential, explore their latent creativity, develop untiring spirit, never let go attitude; thus shaping a self confident personality that achieves its goals with flying colours.

Personality Development:

Yes you can!! We instill Confidence, Self Motivation, Positive Attitude, Integrity, Empathy, Passion, Truth, Sincerity in our students and set their vision high and long. So that they graduate into a well developed personality which is a gift to the society and the whole world. This is done through leadership assignments and group activities.
We organize Educational Seminars to promote leadership and motivate the youth with the help of success stories. We invite eminent personalities who have struggled hard in their life to achieve recognition and realized their big dreams; So that they inspire our youth to become Achievers and realize their responsibility towards the community and the country.

Memory Development:

The fast paced technological improvements are many that throw a challenge to young minds with their ever changing developments to be learnt retained and then reproduced as to match oneself to this swiftly transforming fields. We induce memory training as a part of the curriculum so that the students seamlessly adopt these techniques and make learning easier. We also teach Mathematical tricks and methods of faster calculations so that they develops confidence and affinity towards Analytical Thinking, Reasoning and Strategy.

Counseling Services:

The counseling cell offers psychological services to students experiencing emotional distress, personal problems or concerns with behavior or in relationships. Through evaluation and consultations, students are assisted in identifying problem areas or difficulties, resolving their emotional problems and overcoming academic and social deficiencies.

Career Guidance:

Efforts without a Purpose doesn’t achieve Results. We have experienced professionals from different fields associated with us. They not only act as an example but also counsel students to understand the intricacies of each profession and help them set their targets on professional studies as well as the Future job prospects.

Spiritual & Moral Guidance:

Spiritual experts (Aalim-e-Deen) works with our staff and students to enlighten them with religious teachings, an important element that helps students stay grounded and focussed. These teachings cover moral values, behaviour with self & society (Akhlaaq, Muamalaat) other than the fundamentals. It helps them stay disciplined and exhibit best conduct.

Life skills

In the process of grooming and imparting Islamic values, we ensure that the students learns all the nitty gritties of carrying themselves in the society. Whether it is communication skills, interpersonal skills, family affairs, stress or anger management, they know how to behave in the best of Akhlaaq while maintaining good relations with one and all.
Life skills are the guideposts for success in life, not just rules for the Classroom. They apply to all aspects of life i.e., personal relationships, workplace, religious gatherings, community meetings and interactions in life in general.

Following is the list of life skills in focus at MS:

  • BEING CARING: to feel and show concern for others.
  • USING COMMON SENSE: to use good judgment.
  • BEING CO-OPERATIVE: to work together for a common goal or purpose.
  • SHOWING COURAGE: to act according to one’s beliefs despite fear of adverse consequences.
  • BEING CREATIVE: to generate new ideas; to create something original, or redesign through imaginative skill.
  • BEING CURIOUS: a desire to investigate and know or seek understanding of one’s world.
  • MAKING EFFORT: to do our best.
  • BEING FLEXIBLE: to be willing to alter plans when necessary.
  • BENIG FRIENDLY: to make and keep or maintain friendship through mutual trust and care.
  • TAKING INITIATIVE: to do something first out of one’s own free will and anxiety, because it needs to be done.
  • SHOWING INTEGRITY: to act according to a sense of honesty of what is right and what is wrong.
  • BEING GOOD AT ORGANISING: to plan, arrange and implement in an orderly way; or to keep things orderly and ready to use.
  • SHOWING PATIENCE: to wait calmly for someone or something.
  • SHOWING PERSEVERENCE: to keep doing it or to keep at doing a thing until it is achieved.
  • HAVING PRIDE: having satisfaction from doing one’s personal best.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING: to create solutions to difficult situations and everyday problems
  • BEING RESOURCEFUL: to respond to challenges and opportunities in innovative and creative ways; or to muster necessary help or material through own resources or friends’ resources.
  • TAKING RESPONSIBILITY: to respond in right earnest when asked to take responsibility to do something; or to be accountable for one’s actions.
  • SENSE OF HUMOUR: to laugh and be playful without harming others.

At the MS Degree Colleges for women the students, are invariably taught the above life skills so that they may make good home makers. The sole aim of the MS Degree Colleges is not to fritter away the crucial time in the life of a Woman, but to invest it in the learning of things which they may need most in their future.

Certificate Courses

Apart from the regular curricular courses, we offer several two year certificate courses also called as hobby courses. They have been introduced to provide the students an opportunity to hone their creative skills. The students are required to enroll in any one of the following courses. A nominal fee might be charged for the same. The student has to continue in the same course for 2 years. Certificates are awarded at the end of 2yrs based on regularity of attendance and participation in the class.

  • Embroidery
  • Tailoring
  • Fabric Painting
  • Oil Painting
  • Glass Painting
  • Bead Work
  • Handicrafts
  • Cookery
  • Bakery
  • Cosmetology
  • Personality Development
  • Mass Communication

Cultural Events

As a part of Extra and Co Curricular activities to provide all round development, MS Degree College organizes cultural events. ‘Literary Week’ is one such event wherein Students’ talent is enhanced with the help of healthy competitions among students within the college followed by competitions with students from other colleges of the city. The followed competitions are held annually:

  • Qirat
  • Elocution
  • Spell – Bee
  • Just a Minute
  • Debate
  • Ad – mad Show
  • Cooking
  • Salad Making
  • Creative Model making

A Literary Fest marks the conclusion of the Literary Week. On this day, students give samples of their creativity by putting up stalls that display their work done throughout the year. The attractive items are sold to interested buyers thereby encouraging them. Food stalls with delicious items prepared by the students are also put up. Winners of different competitions are awarded prizes and appreciated.

Awards & Medals:

The most distinguish feature of MS Degree Colleges is its excellent record of results since its inception. To motivate & encourage the students we give importance and honour to our achievers with medals, certificates and scholarships annually for academic as well as non academic activities.

Future opportunities

Stepping Stone:

Actually the MS Education Academy believes that the Degree College education is the stepping stone for a meaningful and focused study of the chosen Subjects at Post- graduation level (admission given through highly competitive Entrance Tests), which later on open the path for a well-paid executive career or Gazetted status job in the Central and State Governments. The services rendered by Women staff in the realm of teaching, research, Industrial Research and Development, legal services and bureaucracy, including treasuries and accounts, finance and banking, insurance etc., are valued very much and considered by Women themselves as safe and prosperous.


In fact, talking about the Private Sector, MS Education Academy would like to see the process of Women of our community themselves becoming the Entrepreneurs and gain quick momentum. Because, by doing so, they can create jobs for the other educated Women in the community in various ventures that the Government is promoting among the Women.
Besides there is need for the Women themselves to critically examine and decide which sort of services are needed by our community, our country; qualify themselves in that field; and come forward and provide those services to the people, at reasonable profit, through enterprising ventures.

Women NGOs:

Prosperous and highly resourceful educated Women from our community can start NGOs to attend to the various problems being faced by our community, particularly the Women and the children, including the problem of child marriages, casual divorces, contract marriages and absence of organized charity to the deserted women and children who are often found spilled all over our streets, and bringing shame to the community.

Rules & Regulations

Students at MSDC

Students of MSDC are the representatives of the college; they are expected to uphold the standard of the college both within and outside the college premises.
Conformity of the students to the rules of the regulations of the college is essential for the benefit of their career

  • Students should be punctual and attend all their lectures regularly.
  • Students are expected to attend all tests and exams without fail.
  • Students are required to maintain discipline which is essential for the development of the individual and college.
  • Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the college and community; due respect should be given to all the faculty members.
  • Students are required to come decently dressed to the college in the guidance of Shariah. Dignity & decorum should be maintained at all times.
  • Students should not bring valuables to the college. It is their responsibility to take care of their belongings. The college is not responsible for any loss of valuables.
  • Any kind of demonstration that violates freedom of the members of the college, or disrupts any academic activity in the college is banned.
  • Students are required to carry their identity cards all the times. The same should be produced when required by college authorities.
  • Students are not permitted to use CELL PHONES during the working hours of the college.


  • The College lays stress on attendance. It is compulsory for the students to have a minimum of 75% in each subject and general attendance to be eligible to appear for the final examinations.
  • Attendance will be calculated every month and displayed on Notice Boards.
    Students who fail to have 75% attendance should meet the principal along with their parents.
  • No student shall absent herself from college without prior permission, except in the case of sudden illness, or other emergency.
  • If a student is absent on account of illness, she should submit the medical certificate along with the leave application.
  • Students who do not keep the requisite attendance and whose progress is not satisfactory as per university rules are liable to pay fine or get suspended.


Examinations are the key for the Success of students which is represented by excellence in Academics. These are the defining moments of a student towards their bright career. The important requirement is to conduct examination by maintaining the integrity & credibility with careful planning & active cooperation of all staff members. The staff shall plan for and conduct internal Examinations, Mid Term, Pre final as follows.

I Internal Exam : August

II Internal Exam : October

Mid Term Exam : December (Last week)

Prefinal Practicals & Theory : February

Final Practicals : February (Last week)

Final Theory : March

Evaluation Process:

The college believes in continuous assessment and hence in addition to the above examination schedule, there will be frequent seminars, Group discussions, Assignments, quiz and snap tests based on which every student will be evaluated periodically.

Parents are requested to note the following:

  • Each student should take all the exams seriously.
  • Attendance and clearance of every paper is mandatory.
  • Under emergency circumstances, permission should be taken from principal, failing which serious action will be taken.

Asif Nagar:

23562322 / 23562422

24567723 / 24567724


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