MS Education Academy has started an initiative to produce a generation of Muslim youth who would be equipped not only with modern education but also the lessons of the Holy Quran. This idea culminated in the form of ambitious project called MS Hifz Academy. This project is the brain child of Chairman Mohammed Abdul Lateef Khan who envisioned a course to produce a Hafiz in a short time under a systematic and personalized guidance programme based on Memory techniques and Technology.

At MS Hifz Academy the memorization of Quran is the core or basis of schooling. Apart from Hifz Quran, three languages, Arabic, English and Urdu are taught in parallel to help them gain fluency in these languages.

According to him,” To be a hafiz, it requires a strong Intention, Determination and strong Will power not only by the child but also by the parents. A Child need not feel that he needs to stay away from home isolated to be Hafiz of Kalamullah”. Hifz Academy based on Day- Scholar timings is intended to make it easy for the children and parents to achieve their goal. Our motive is to give the best overall, providing the students with A/C campus, playground, masjid and many more facilities to develop the student mentally, physically and spiritually.

Under this programme, a student of class V is taken for two years where he/she is completely trained to memorize the Holy Quran under expert and personalized guidance. The course has been designed in such a way that every day the students are given two lessons of the Quran to memorize. One lesson the child memorises at school hour and the other lesson he/she learns at home. In this way he/she memorises the whole Quran in a time bound period. They are also taught deeniyat, hadith and dua. This is a day boarding school. The classes start 8.30 am and are divided into two sessions. The pre-lunch session starts at 8.30 in the morning and continued till 1.15pm. The post lunch session starts at 2.30pm and continued till 4.30pm.After completion of the Hifz course the students are directly admitted in class 8 from where he/she completes the formal education.

The pass out of such course would be equipped with Hifz as well as modern education. The idea behind launching this course is to produce a band of a Kamil Muslim who would be a Hafiz cum doctor or engineer.

MS Group of institutions has always stood forward when it comes to providing quality based education. With a goal and mission to produce World Worthy Individuals, MS adopts best learning and teaching techniques. MS yearns to raise leaders of tomorrow. A child cannot achieve the best degree of success if the Spiritual Quotient (trust in the Creator) in him/her is lacking behind

Course duration : 2 years
Timing : 8.30 am to 4.30 pm (Day Boarding)



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