Chairman's Message

Mohammed Lateef Khan

Chairman, MS Schools, Junior Colleges and Education Centre.

It is about time that we pause for a moment and ponder “What are we running after? What is it that we are trying to achieve and what is it that we want our children to be?”

We were at a similar crossroads when we laid the foundation of MS Creative School. Just like you, we were concerned about the future of our children without sacrificing our culture, our values, our identity.

We understand it is a great responsibility as the parents repose complete trust in us. It is quite challenging unless there is complete cooperation from all quarters including parents. Therefore we advocate Parent Collaboration and request you all to attend all the Parent Teacher Meetings, follow up on your child’s progress, give your suggestions in person or call us on Quick Solutions. It is an exclusive parent support system monitored by me to cater to your needs.

Since the inception in 1991, we have been focused on providing congenial Islamic environment while enhancing quality of modern education which has now become a phenomenon. We have designed Value based curriculum to impart Islamic values and life skills and have also setup Central Academic Development Cell to ensure these are properly planned and taught to the children.

Alhamdulillah! The results have been very rewarding. Our children have been consistently scoring 10/10GPA in SSC exams. We have been awarded Best School of the year by the Government for AP for not just Academics but also for Discipline. We have also been awarded Pratibha Award for excellence in education from the Government of Andhra Pradesh consistently since 2005.

Other than the regular activities, We organize events like Grand Parents Day, Graduation Ceremony, Akhlaaq Show and Dream Big to create awareness among our students, develop leadership skills and make them Responsible citizens of the society.


Curriculum is the sum total of all learning experience a child undergoes including academics, activities, learning environment, assessment & interaction with teachers, students, parents all together from the moment a child walks in the school until he/she steps out. In the race for success, schools are gradually moving towards fast paced methods, aiming at instant results. However, Schooling should be natural and balanced, the way a tree grows taking its time to nurture appropriately with nourishment through education and experience, concepts and values, confidence, character and career thus shaping an all round personality. At MS Creative School, We have designed Value based curriculum in accordance with National Curriculum Framework to focus on all round development of the children so that they identify their identity, realize the need and become leaders of tomorrow.

At MS, Curriculum is comprised of: Objectives, Syllabus, Methodology, Resources, Assessment, Activities, Scheduling, Observation, Feedback and Research.


We teach our children all required subjects along with Deeniyat. These subjects provide knowledge and we ensure that required skills are imparted so that the learning is(become) complete. The syllabus is designed as per age group, psychological development including Cognitive, Intellectual, Behavioural, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, Communication, Aesthetic and Leadership development. Therefore, while balancing Modern and Islamic Education, we promote Responsibility and National Integrity to ensure the child is well rooted with Culture and Patriotism.


Pedagogy as it is said scientifically, is the art of teaching to ensure learning happens. Every child is different, so is every subject and thus the method of teaching should be appropriate. A child centric approach with heuristic method is required for an effective teaching-learning process. We have researched on this very concept of teaching-learning and depending upon the personal traits of children, designed Islamic Star Methodology for all round development as illustrated below:

Personality Trait


In order to justify the expectations of Curriculum, we provide the right resources at the right time for the right duration. The most important resource is the Teacher herself. We ensure that we provide passionate teachers who are well qualified and expert in our methodology. They employ relevant Teaching Aids, Audio Video Aids, Smart Classes, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Library, Field Trips and more.


Exam phobia, the fear of exams is the most common stress in students today. Irony is that, it is found even in tiny tots who have just started their journey in education. At MS, we have implemented the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation system that evaluates the actual learning and skills of the students rather than measuring what they have memorized by rote learning. This is done through day to day observation, Oral work, Hands on experiments, Research, Projects, Class Participation, Individual and Group Activities, Quizzes, Debates, Informal tests, Classwork / Homework, Peer evaluation and more.

We conduct Formative and Summative Assessments along with Behavioural Assessment to ensure good conduct, values, discipline, life skills other than academics.

  • Consistent 100% first division results in school.
  • Consistent recognition for excellence in Education through Pratibha Awards by Government of AP since 2005.
  • Consistent 980+ marks in the Intermediate Public Exams since 2005.
  • More than 1/3rd Minority seats in MBBS of Hyderabad by MSians.
  • Consistent top 3 and numerous rank 1 in Bachelor of Unani Medical Science Common Entrance Test – BUMSCET.
  • Recognition by the Educational departments of The Hindu newspaper, Jamila Millia Islamia University Radio, Maulana Azaad National Urdu University and others for Creativity, Literary, Quiz and Fine Arts.
  • Consistent representation in sports at the state level.
  • Top recognition in inter school Qirath and Naath competitions in Hyderabad and Delhi.
  • Consistent Top Awards for research based ex periments in National Science Fair.
  • Remarkable achievement in National level exams like IIT, CPT, NEET.
  • 2005 AP State First Rank – Ayesha Fatima in IPE(+2) with 985/1000 Marks
  • 2006 AP State 6th Rank – Syeda Ayesha Fatima in IPE(+2) with 984/1000 Marks
  • 2007 Best School of the year Award by Department of Education, Govt. of AP
  • 2008 All India No. 1 Award in Biology to Novshaba by Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of INDIA.
  • 2009 Abdul Amir Khan Qualified for IIT, AIEEE, BITS Pilani, Also Secured AP State 128th rank in EAMCET
  • 2010 AP State 41st rank by Abdul Karim and 99th rank by Maryam Afifa in EAMCET
  • 2010 District 2nd in Kareem Nagar in IPE by Nazia Ahson
  • 2011 Hyderabad City 1st and AP State 3rd Rank – Juveria Sabahat in IPE(+2) with 986/1000 Marks
  • 2011 District 1st in Nizamabad in IPE 1st year Juveria Firdous with 428/440
  • 2011 Delhi Students top in Statewide Co Curricular activities
  • 2012 10/10 CGPA in SSC (X) Board Exams by Aiman Mohammedi who is MSian since Nursery
  • 2012 5 students in state top 10 of Intermediate Public Exams
  • 2012 20 students above 98% in I year Intermediate Exam
  • 2012 6 students secured ranks below 1000 in EAMCET
  • 2012 78 students secured Free seats under Govt. Quota in Medicine
  • 2012 3 projects were awarded in National Science Fair held at Chennai
  • 2012 Hyderabad students excel in literary competitions held at MANUU
  • 2013 AP State 3rd Rank – Syed Rizwan Quadri in IPE(+2) with 989/1000 marks
  • 2013 234 students in I year and 229 students in II year scores 90% and above in IPE
  • 2013 10/10 GPA in SSC by Zuha Sha and Aiman Fathima. More than 42 students scores GPA 9 and above
  • 2013 97 students got free seats in MBBS under government quota
  • 2013 3 students secured NEET ranks under 1000
  • 2013 8 students win laurels at the UIEO (English Olympiad) in Hyderabad
  • 2013 15 students qualified CPT exams and joined CA course
  • 2013 MS Students topped the charts in inter school Qirat Competition at Hyderabad
  • 2013 MS Students made it to the top 3 level in Martial Arts school competition held in Hyderabad
  • 2013 7 Gold Medals and 4 Silver Medals in inter school sports competition of Hyderabad in Cricket, Kabaddi, Running, Caroms, Tug of War, Slow Cycling and Football
  • 2014 Emerging Scientist of the Nation Award to Mohammed Adnan at National Science Fair in Chennai
  • Sofiya Unnissa bagged 1st prize in Environmental Sciences – EVS, Mir Kazim Ali got 2nd prize in Life Science and Juveriah Rasheed got 3rd prize in Physical Sciences
MS Advantage

When it’s time for making the most crucial decision of selecting the right school or college for your child, you are in for a challenge. Opinions are many and so are the choices but how to make a decision rather right decision for the future of the child. This question is more experienced than discussed. To make it easy, we provide a simple list of advantages that you will have when you embrace MS. This list is apart from the regular provisions, facilities and services you will not find in any other institution. If you need any clarification or further explanation, you are always welcome to visit any of our branches and we will be glad to assist you.

Meeting Expectations


Teaching is their passion not profession. Our Faculty is at the core; They not just teach, but discover subjects along with students. We handpick each and every staff member through rigorous process of selection to ensure that we only have the most dedicated, competent, motivating faculty capable of catering to the intellectual needs of the students with varying potential. Parents are equal partners in Education and our teachers collaborate with them in effective UPBRINGING of the Child.


We feel accountable for the progress of the students, we motivate them, work diligently along with them and when the Results are out, we take pride in them. We sincerely believe that “It’s not your child but OUR child, hope of our community and country. Let’s script their future together”.


What we say is what we do and this forms the quality policy of our institutions. Quality has to be planned at every step of the process. Therefore, we have setup departments like Academic Cell and Research Foundation to ensure consistency in planning of academics for all the branches, Quality assurance in monitoring and professional enhancement in training of the staff.


Alhamdulillah! Our results speak volumes about our commitment. We have delivered many state ranks in SSC Board Exams, Intermediate Public Exams as well as Engineering and Medical Entrance Exams. Many average students became toppers which proves that we also specialize in creating toppers from the average too. 41 students above 9 CGPA in SSC 2012 and 230 students above 90% in IPE 2013 is a testimony to our sincere efforts and sheer dedication. Please visit awards and achievements section for details.


We understand the needs of our students and we are there for them whenever they need us. It is with compassion that our students become our children and school becomes their home.

Smart Work:

We believe in not over stressing our students or making them work too hard for that matter rather we stay with them to work smart. Therefore, we continuously discover ways of working smartly so that they are not only prepared for exams but also for challenges in their lives.

Focus on Fundamentals:

We make the subject logical by focusing on fundamentals and they connect the concepts to understand and excel in those subjects. We have devised many techniques in this regards and Memory Notebook is one such tool this (which)helps in easy learning, retaining and recalling.

Academic Coordinators:

They act as mentor to the students. They are available for each section to help the students as well as the Faculty in the time of need. The students can get information with regards to their assignments, study material and results from them. They also monitor their behavior.

Shaping Personality


Apart from regular classes, we have special motivation get together for Self Discovery that help them realize their potential and develop never-let-go attitude; thus shaping a confident personality that achieves its goals with flying colours.

Personality Development:

We instill Confidence, Self Motivation, Positive Attitude, Integrity, Empathy, Passion, Truth and Sincerity in our students. So that they develop strong confident personality which is a gift to the society and the whole world.

We organize Educational Seminars to promote leadership among the students from the very beginning. We invite eminent personalities who have achieved their dreams; and can now inspire our youth to realize their responsibility towards the community and the country.

Life Skills:

As per the grooming process we train our children in communication skills, interpersonal skills, family affairs and stress management, this way they maintain good relations with one and all

Memory Development:

It is a challenge for the young minds to learn, retain and then reproduce when needed. Memory training is a part of the curriculum that makes learning easier. We also teach Mathematical methods of faster calculations so that the child develops confidence and affinity towards Analytical Thinking, Reasoning and Strategy.

Career Guidance:

Efforts without a Purpose doesn’t achieve Results. We have experienced professionals from different fields who counsel students set their targets on professional studies as well as the Future job prospects.

Spiritual & Moral Guidance:

Spiritual experts (Aalim-e-Deen) works with our staff and students to enlighten them with religious teachings,. These teachings cover moral values, behaviour with self & society (Akhlaaq, Muamalaat) other than the fundamentals. It helps them stay disciplined and exhibit best conduct.

Providing Facilities


Children cannot be forced to believe or behave. Therefore, We create an environment that instill discipline, concentration, spirit of competition, spiritual motivation and thirst for success. An environment that is consistent, conducive, safe, healthy and prosperous and unintimidating so as to let the child grow, learn, groom and develop confidently while carving his/her Identity.


Students are our top priority and so is their health. We have Regular Medical and Dental Checkup. We also maintain their Medical records. Parents are counseled if need be to ensure good health of the child. After all Health is the biggest blessing of the Almighty. We listen with care and create environment wherein they can discuss if there is any medical need. We also have JIT (Just in Time) mechanism to handle any medical emergency or acute medical attention by calling Doctor or taking the student to the facility. First-Aid supplies are readily available at the reception.


We value best efforts and results. Therefore, we offer many scholarships for meritorious students as a fee waiver upto 100% in top batches of excellence. Other than the meritorious scholarships we have many alternate bursaries for the deserving and the seekers. We have provisions for good Samaritans of the society as well.


For High School we maintain Just like Home environment to cut down the chances of depression often encountered by students of this age. Right from Food, Bedding, Relaxation, Toiletries to Safety and Security, everything is maintained with utmost diligence. Study hours are mentored, Prayers are encouraged and other activities are monitored religiously. Rooms are spacious and clean. Home cooked, hygienic food is provided at the hostel. Transportation facility to and from school is also provided. However, Seats are limited and are only allotted at the sole discretion of the management.


Separate blocks or buildings are maintained for boys and Girls in Schools, Colleges as well as Hostels. Utmost care and precaution is taken in assigning duties in such campuses so that male staff is for boys and girls get only the female staff.


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