MS OlympIAS 40


It is an initiative of MS to prepare the students for the International level competition and get a place among the academic elite and the intellectual world. This programme is run under the name of MS Olympias 40. Under this programme only 40 students are selected and given rigorous training to meet the standard of International competition. Students of 12 years of age are given admission in this programme in class VIII. For continuously 5 years they are imparted lessons of global standard besides the regular syllabus of VIII, IX, X(SSC) and XII(Intermediate/Junior College). Students inducted in this school are given extensive personalized guidance so that they can face the competition confidently

The training given at the MS Olympias 40 also prepares students for the national level competitions and equips them to crack the IIT and medical entrance examination confidently thereby clinching a seat for them in prestigious institutions of the country.

Why MS started this programme?

On critical analysis it was found that the competition for IIT and the like has toughened so much that 2 years are not sufficient for the students, no matter how good the students are and how hard we try.

In order to boast student’s self confidence and raise their self esteem and also to meet the needs of the community, MS devised a long term strategy of starting MS Olympias 40 with integrated Olympias programme from 8th standard so that we start our efforts early.

Why to start this from class VIII?

At MS we have opted to take a balanced approach by starting from 8th class with the following:

  • Neutral approach for SSC, CBSE or ICSE
  • Activity based approach for proper utilization and development of one’s intellect
  • Value based curriculum for grooming one’s character
  • Direct supervision of experts for individual attention and greater percentage of success.

We aim to design this course in such a way that every subject is taught from Islamic Perspective. Students should understand how Islam deals with each modern topic, what contribution Muslims made in the development of that topic and how we can correlate/implement it in this age.

The students should learn and get inspired from the lives of our prophet, sahabas and Muslim heroes. Be it their strategy, their leadership, their quality, their simplicity or magnanimity, there is a lesson to learn and lead this world. They must learn the subjects of History, Science and Maths from Quranic view of point and apply Social studies handling situations like Law and Order, Justice, Governance etc. from Quran, Hadith, Sunnah and Seerath of Sahaba.

Alongside, we plan to make it a skills based course. These students must be good in communication skills especially English as it is a global language and an easy medium to reach and preach in our community throughout the world. They must be computer literate and be practical in using computers for planning, designing, accounting, team building, presenting, conducting a meeting, reporting, managing and more.

They must be able to design business processes, flow charts, and reverse engineer a concept or a business model in order to learn from successful Entrepreneurs and Businessman. They must acquire all the skills a student in B-school would learn throughout the course.

They must be excellent in life skills and soft skills like Body Language, Public Speaking, Public Relations, Selling/Marketing, Time Management, Memory Techniques, Mind Mapping, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Risk Taking and more. Above all, they should be confident and enthusiastic so much so that they can take up any role or start up their own business after graduating from this course. They must know how to deal with people especially with people of other communities and develop cordial diplomatic relations with one and all. That’s one of the Sunnah of our Prophet.

Course Details

Name :

MS OlympIAS 40

Duration :

5 years integrated

Level :

8th Standard

Admission :


Subjects :

English, Communicative English, Mathematics, Physical and Biological Science, Logical Reasoning, Social Studies, First and Second Language, Islamic Studies, Deeniyat, Computers, Sports, Library, Man making/Ethical learning, Leadership, General Knowledge, Memory/Mind Mapping & Personality Development

Timing :

8:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Periods/day :

10 along with 2 breaks and study hours

Mode :

Day Scholar/Residential

Facilities :

Practical Labs, Library, Research Wing, Computer and English Lab

Supervision :

Round the clock for Residential

Outcome :

Students studying this integrated course should have

  • Potential to succeed in Civil Services Examination / IIT and/or any national level competition
  • Empathy towards community
  • Passion to serve the community and country
  • Skills to excel in fields identified
  • Islamic Knowledge and Hikmah to take the right decision at the right time

Groom students in advance for IIT-JEE and other national competitive exams from 8th class and also equip them with following skills to help them face any challenge of life with confidence and ease:

  • Scientific and Analytical Skills
  • Communication and Presentation Skills
  • Entrepreneurial and Managerial Skills
  • Computer and Networking Skills
  • Islamic Knowledge and Leadership Skills

Each child is a winner is the slogan of this initiative. Curriculum is the sum total experience of a child in a school right from the moment he enters the School till he leaves the campus. We plan to design a customized curriculum for each student. Though there are some mandatory tasks, subjects and activities, the course of the curriculum will be as per the capacity and grasping power of the child.

The basic program includes stress free gradual foundation course every year from June to December followed by Scholastic studies of the respective class.

Though integrated, this program would focus more on the Olympias side in the beginning and then gets tailored to address the examination of the respective class near the end of the academic year.

Some unique features of this curriculum :


  • Year plan, Term plan and Day plan for every child
  • Simple achievable targets for every week
  • Checklist of each topic and concept for micro learning and tracking
  • Daily Study hour for recapitulation and supplementary learning
  • Daily test for different subjects to cover the weekly portion
  • Weekly conceptual test to challenge and develop expertise in every topic

Advance Strategy :

  • In VIII Class portion of VIII and IX will be completed
  • In IX class Portion of X and XI will be completed
  • In X class portion of XII will be completed followed by X class Revision
  • In XI and XII complete focus will be on IIT advanced
  • Apart from this they will be writing all Regional, National and International scholastic/Competitive and Scholarship Exam relevant to that class

Expert Faculty

  • Adequate experienced staff who is more passionate and qualified to handle the challenges of meeting expectations of the community
  • IITians and trainers of IITians for conceptual subjects
  • Virtual classes to bring in the best faculty from across the world through the help of Video conferencing in the class room
  • Availability of Student Mentors for easy approach and doubt clarification

Performance Analysis:

  • The performance of each student is tracked through a weighted average formula to give a clear picture of his/her progress
  • A growth variance subject wise analysis is also performed to ensure consistency
  • Similar analysis of faculty is also performed to ensure every student is attended with care, concern and compassion


  • In house counselor for motivation and handling stress/frustration/depreciation
  • Comparative Islamic studies and Deeniyat for grooming and empathy
  • Grounding them in Solid Islamic Value Systems (man making education)
  • Eliminating stress and making education enjoyable


    • Laboratories and Science Kit for Physics, Chemistry and Biology
    • Library with ample related books and motivational ones for extra reading
    • Research Wing to develop scientific skills and inculcate hands on approach
    • Computer Lab for computing and technical skills
    • English Lab for good communication with neutral Accent


  • Activity based learning including but limited to creative weekend activities, group projects, field trips, etc.,
  • Memory techniques for easy learning and remembering
  • Mind Mapping for advance planning, note taking and better retention
  • Good writing and better scoring through innovative Communicative English
  • Regular student assessment and update to parents
  • Sports to increase physical energy, concentration and instill discipline, competitive spirit, strategy and passion

Goal Setting

  • Regular career guidance and awareness sessions to set their aims higher
  • Regular guest lectures by role models
  • Motivational sessions by presenting success stories
  • Emphasize on problem solving, decision making, life skills to develop Leaders
  • Realization workshops to help them identify their identity and set firm goals for self, family and community.

Through screening test organized with collaboration of concerned Muslim organizations and individual followed by Technical and Psycho Analytical interview.

Date: (Next admission notification in the month of April / May)

Location: Various centers in Hyderabad and districts of Telangana.

Partnership with Schools:

MS plans to partner with schools who would utilize the facilities and efforts of MS Olympias 40 while retaining their students on their rolls. They shall study in MS but officially enrolled in their own school thereby promoting collaboration.




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