2015 - Year of Innovation

  • Established MS Corporate Office at Masab Tank for Excellence in Operations. A state of the art setup that is intended to act like a model for all Minority institutions and also escalate our work to the next level
  • Established MS Hifz Academy, an ambitious project of helping students memorize the Qur’an within 2 years based on Memory techniques and Innovative learning methods while keeping them abreast with English, Urdu and Arabic languages.
  • Established MS Creative School at Mallepally, Hyderabad with all facilities focusing on Boys educational needs
  • Designed the concept of MS Creative Kids, a preschool for fun-filled creative learning experience of Toddlers. Established its branches in Humayun Nagar, Khilwath, Sitafalmandi, Musheerabad, Zakir Nagar and Mira Road
  • Launched Memory Curriculum based on Learning to Learn skills, Creativity and Innovation for Classes 1st to 4th to prepare students for 21st century
  • Launched monthly newsletters called MS Family for the staff welfare and MS World for all the students, parents and staff thereby easing communication and promoting spirit of creative writing and journalism in students
  • Launched an innovative Science Kitto help MSians perform all related scientific experiments right in the classrooms thereby promoting the concept of DOING SCIENCE
  • Also established Science Modelling Lab at Mallepally to work on Innovation in Science and Technology
  • Partnered with Deeniyat organization of Mumbai to establish Maktabs throughout the state of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh in the name of MS Deeniyat Maktab and make quality Islamic Education accessible
  • Created systems based on schooling to encourage the students of Maktab generate interest and succeed. Also established a control system for these maktab in the name of MS DRT Center for Deeniyat Research and Training
  • Started Maktab for blind students to help them learn how to read Quran through Braile language
  • Conceptualized a unique competition to make English communication skills of MSians impeccable by the name English Fiesta. A bouquet of competitions organized including Odyssey of the mind to improve presentation and strategic skills of students, Public Speaking, Role Play, Debate, Elocution, Extempore, Page Turner, Story/Poem writing, Book review, Comic strip reading, Handwriting and Spell Bee
  • Designed a new course called CEC Honours to introduce Leadership skills, Computing skills, Business Management and Islamic perspective
  • Conceptualized a high scale Qirat Competition with prizes worth 1 lakh and above to promote the correct way of learning and reciting Quran among students
  • Also launched Azan competition in sync with Qirat competition to promote the elegance and importance of reciting Azan melodiously
  • Started unparalleled innovative research on the topics: Outcome based Education, Evidence based Learning, Early Childhood Education – When, How & How much, Transversal Competencies, Multi-Disciplinary Learning, Gender based Education, English Coach, Designing Pupil Experience, Leadership Curriculum, Memory Curriculum- Learning to Learn, Learning Teaching Professional Training and more.
  • Alhamdulillah! The result were as promising as ever this year with state ranks in various competitions:
    • Flawless 10/10 GPA secured by 2 MSians Hajera Afreen and Rufaida Ahmed in SSC Public Exams
    • 991/1000 marks in IPE 1st year (11th grade) and 989/1000 marks in IPE 2nd year (12th grade) were the highest in MS and also in top 10 of the State of Telangana
    • 25 MSians scored more than 980/1000marks, 145 Msians scored more than 950and 329 MSians scored more than 900 out of 1000 marks in IPE 2nd year. So many students made it big that interestingly, there is one or more student for every score between 989 to 900 except 901
    • 28 MSians scored more than 980/1000 marks, 174 MSians scored more than 950 and 414 MSians scored 900 and above in the IPE 1st year
    • More than 650 MSians secured Engineering seats
    • 108 students secured MBBS seats in Government quota even after the bifurcation of the state
    • 37 MSians quaIified IIT Mains and 20 MSians made it to the prestigious colleges of IIT and NIT
    • 44 MSians quaIified CPT so far to make their way onto CA with 15 MSians qualfying this year
    • Other awards, achievements and recognition of MSians so far this year:
    • 3 students got Medical seats under sports and NCC quota
    • Mohammed Numaan won 6th position and a cash prize of Rs. 70,000/- in the International Quran Qeerat Competition, held in Dubai in April 2015
    • Nameera Wajid secured 2nd position and Juveria Salma won 3rd position in the Tajweed examination conducted by the Jamia Nizamia University in August 2015
    • Nuwaira Fazil bagged 1stPrize in Poster painting competition organized by Ahraf and Ektara Association in September 2015
    • Fatima Viquar and Amtul Haseeb Nida won 2nd and 3rd prizes in elocution and essay writing competition organized by Telangana Police Department on the sensitive topic of Communal Harmony in October 2015
  • With 52 institutions and 18 initiatives across India in 11 cities, more than 1500 staff supporting 20,000 students and more than 50,000 Alumni so far, the story of MS continues and the team of MS Education Academy requests for your supplications.

2014 - Year of Achievement

  • Taking modern and Islamic education to the next level, MS collaborated with Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani sahab to establish MS Rahmani School. Aimed at the integration of Madrasa and Modern Education, this school combines subjects from regular schooling and Hifz / Aalim course to make the child an Hafiz / Aalim or a Doctor / Engg. thus yielding a new generation of Islamic Scholars who are professionals and leaders in their fields
  • Taught EMPATHY to students by helping them participate in social cause like Kashmir Relief, Medical help to needy and Meat distribution during Eid to the poor in remote places
  • This year witnessed an exponential growth in results. Thanks to Almighty for guiding us towards excellence and consolidation:
    • State 1st Rank in IPE (10+2), by MSian Amtul Raheem Asma with 989/1000 marks
    • University 1st rank in B.Com Computers by Farheen Begum and 5th rank in B. Sc MPC by Rubina Javairiya
    • State 1st rank in BUMSCET by Aliya Nazneen
    • 10/10 GPA in SSC by Safia Manal Siddiqua
    • 30 students qualified in IIT Mains from the first batch and 5 students made it to the IIT Advanced
    • 100 students secured free M BBS seat under Government quota
    • Pratibha award for Excellence in Education to the toppers of our institutions
    • Emerging Scientist of the Nation Award at National Science Fair in Chennai was awarded to Msian Mohammed Adnan. Other successful MSians— Sofiya unnissa bagged 1st prize in EVS, Mir Kazim Ali got 2nd prize in Life Science and Juveriah Rasheed got 3rd prize in Physical Sciences
    • Best School Award by Jamiat Ulama, Karim Nagar in Talent and Competition test on Seeratun Nabi
    • City Topper and 3 All India top 50 ranks in Science Olympiad by NSTSE
    • 299 MSians scored above 90% with highest being 98.6% in Inter 1st year. MSians topped in all streams
    • 11 MSians scored above 98% and 247 students above 90% in IPE(+2)
    • 12 ranks below 1000 in EAMCET
    • 10 seats in Osmania Medical College
    • More than 1/3rd representation in MBBS among minorities
    • More than 2/3rd students appearing for Engineering in EAMCET made it with flying colours
    • Silver and Bronze medals in the creative SPLASH competition held by Axis bank
    • Best young doctor award in the camp organized by Yashoda Hospitals
    • 14 awards at the National Science Fair so far
    • BEST Student award 2014 awarded to Hala Kashif and Juveria Rasheed by Honourable Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister of Telangana for excellence in School Studies and Activities
    • Numerous Gold and Silver medals at the 10th Intellectual Olympiad in Hyderabad
    • Scholars Physics Olympiad Test (SPOT), an international test organized by Bose-Einstein group was conducted in 3 rounds. 8 students qualified Level Ill, 18 qualified Level Il and 33 qualified Level I
    • Recognition by the Educational departments of The Hindu newspaper, Tameer-e-Millat, Jamila Millia Islamia
    • University Radio, Maulana Azaad National Urdu University, World Heritage week competition, SIO annual student competition and others for Creativity, Literary, Quiz and Fine Arts, Debate and more

2013 - Year of Consolidation

  • Dedicated this year to consolidation of efforts and streamlining of operation so as to strengthen foundation for future expansion
  • In this regards, started MS Central Academic Development Center for consolidation of School Academics to:
    • Plan Academics including Schedules, Exams, Events, Activities and more
    • Monitor effective execution of plans in all the MS schools throughout the country and ensure quality and consistency
    • Train Teachers, School Heads and other staff alike for Quality Assurance and Improvement
  • Limited expansion except the ones in disadvantaged area with unavoidable need like
    • Girls only campus at Midhani to house MS Creative School, MS Junior College for girls and MS Education Center.
    • MS Creative School in Bhiwandi, Thane, MH
    • MS Creative School in Malegaon, Nashik, MH
  • Alhamdulillah! Results this year proved the worth of consolidation efforts
    • Muslim Boy topped the charts with AP State 3rd Rank – Syed Rizwan Quadri in IPE(+2) with 989/1000 marks
    • 234 MSians in I year and 229 MSians in Il year scored 90% and above in IPE
    • 10/10 GPA in SSC by Zuha Sha and Aiman Fathima
    • Pratibha award for Excellence in Education was awarded to Intermediate as well as SSC topper for their exceptional
    • performance
    • More than 42 MSians scored GPA 9 and above in SSC
    • 97 MSians got free seats in MBBS under government quota
    • MSians secured more than 1/3rd of the total MBBS minority seats in AP
    • 3 MSians secured NEET ranks under 1000
    • MSians bagging free Engineering seats crossed 500 in number
    • 17 MSians qualified CPT exams and joined CA course from the first batch
    • 8 MSians win laurels at the UIEO (English Olympiad)
    • MSians topped the charts in inter school Qirat Competition at Hyderabad
    • MSians made it to the top 3 level in Martial Arts inter school competition held in Hyderabad
    • MSians bagged 7 Gold Medals and 4 Silver Medals in inter school sports competition of Hyderabad in Cricket,
    • Kabaddi, Running, Caroms, Tug ofWar, Slow Cycling and Football
  • Best of the achievements were the success of average students. Some students who could not secure good rank earlier,
  • joined MS and proved their mettle by securing good ranks in EAMCET
  • Consolidation helped in making Good students Better and Average students Toppers
  • Introduced MS Calendar that show cases the need of Islamic Environment and its importance, implementation, consequences, etc.,

2012 - Year of Excellence

  • Muslim representation at IIT is insignificant and so is at any other prestigious institution in India; this made us analyze the reasons and factors behind
  • Excellence is what is needed not just Ranks to make an entry into such institutions. Therefore, MS established MS Institute of Excellence at Masab Tank and Malakpet as a platform for enthusiastic students with good potential to excel
  • Collaborated with Maulana Wali Rahmani Sahab to take cue from Rahmani 30 which prepares Muslim students for IIT, started MS Rahmani 30 in collaboration at Hyderabad with the sole purpose of identifying and grooming talent so much so that they make our niche at IIT
  • Response from Delhi encouraged us to open another branch of MS Creative School at Yamuna Vihar
  • Trend continued and requests poured in for schools in various cities. However, expansion was limited and controlled as MS does not believe in acquiring funds or charity or help in any kind from Government or Non-Government organization
  • Based on feasibility and urge from parent community started 2 schools near Mumbai, MH viz., MS Creative School at Mira Road and Mumbra
  • Also opened MS Creative School at Rajendra Nagar , Hyderabad to serve many nearby localities that lacked quality schools
  • Satisfaction in the approach and academics of Degree College and further demand from Muslim localities for a neighborhood institution for girls led to starting of MS Degree College for Women at Masab Tank
  • Excellence is needed whether it is modern or Islamic education as quality cannot be compromised. MS took initiative to standardize Maktab (evening Islamic course) by launching MS Taleem Initiative, a body that works on the curriculum of Maktab and also oversees its implementation through collaboration with madarsa and other schools
  • Coined the term MSian for MS students to inculcate sense of belongingness and association with MS. Also created slogans like “Kal ke sitare tum ho” to ignite confidence, aspiration and spirit of competition in them so that they dream big and achieve it
  • Introduced concept of MS Hall of Glory to recognize and appreciate the students with outstanding contribution
  • Invited Dr. Shah Faesal, IAS Topper and Collector once more to inspire MSians and show them what excellence is and how to achieve it
  • Similarly, organized many seminars on various topics like Quran and Cosmology, Muslim Contribution, Mock Parliament by eminent achievers and role models to inspire MSians towards EXCELLENCE
  • Introduced Memory Note Book to help students learn and remember easily & excel in Academics
  • Meanwhile, results from all the institutions were rewarding and made us even more grateful to the Almighty
    • 78 students achieved top ranks in EAMCET to secure free seats in MBBS under Government quota
    • Sumaiya Iqbal Qureshi scored 983/1000 Marks in IPE(+2) and listed her in the roll of Elite students
    • 1 0/10 CGPA in SSC (1 0th) Board Exams by Aiman Mohammedi who is MSian since Grade I
    • Pratibha award for Excellence in Education was awarded to Intermediate as well as SSC topper this year for their exceptional performance
    • 5 students in state top 10 of Intermediate Public Exams
    • 20 students above 98% in I Intermediate Exam
    • 6 students secured ranks below 1000 in EAMCET
    • Hundreds of students got admission in Engineering in various Engineering Colleges of erstwhile AP
    • 3 projects were awarded in National Science Fair held at Chennai
    • Numerous distinction awards bagged by MSians in literary competitions held at MANUU

2011 - Year of Integration

  • Results were encouraging; however, the concern for effective upbringing of children was looming in minds. Something more has to be done beyond Islamic Environment and Islamic Studies. This led to the conceptualization of Integrated Value based curriculum that grooms the children in every aspect throughout the day
  • MS Research Foundation was established to research and develop this curriculum from Islamic, Psychological and Modern Educational perspective without compromising the Quality
  • The modern and Islamic education concept of MS Creative School was widely appreciated and thus the demand for its branches soared from every corner. Established MS Creative School at Khilwath, Charminar in Hyderabad old city and also in the district of Karim Nagar
  • Meeting demand from across the country, established MS Creative School near Jama Masjid in Old Delhi and Zakir Nagar in New Delhi
  • Safety of girl students is a major concern, exploding demand from parent community for a Degree College for Women led to the establishment of three Colleges viz. , MS Degree College for Women at Toli Chowki, Charminar and Malakpet
  • Also established two more Junior Colleges for Girls Viz., MS Junior College for Girls at Toli Chowki and Musheerabad
  • Keeping pace with the developments in general and jobs in particular, it was felt that there is a huge demand for CA in the country and there is insignificant representation of Muslims. Created awareness of this career and started new course for helping students gear up for this lucrative career by establishing MS CA Academy at Masab Tank and Malakpet
  • Results were exceptionally well this year with Juveria Sabahat scoring 986/1000 Marks in IPE(+2) to bag Hyderabad City 1st rank and AP State 3rd Rank
  • We also clinched District 1st rank in our very first year in Nizamabad in IPE 1st year with Juveria Firdous scoring with 428/440 marks
  • Out of many EAMCET ranks, 71 students achieved top ranks in EAMCET to secure free seats in MBBS under Government quota
  • Engineering competition increased due to heavy influx from other states, however, MS students securing free seats were still in hundreds
  • Hatrick of State 1st in BUMSCET, our students secured state 1st rank in a row for the third time
  • Pratibha award for Excellence in Education continued to be awarded again to the toppers of our institutions
  • New branches in Delhi fared excellent with many students securing top positions in interschool competitions

2010 - Year of Enlightenment

  • One of the biggest achievement so far, a double victory in form of AP State 41st rank by Abdul Karim and 99th rank by Maryam Afifa in EAMCET
  • 53 students achieved top ranks in EAMCET to secure free seats in MBBS under Government quota
  • Hundreds of students secured free seats in Engineering under Government quota
  • Claimed State 1st rank in BUMSCET once more. This time by Syeda Khairunnisa Uzma who also made it big in IPE and EAMCET
  • Rabiya Sultana scored 982/1000 marks in IPE (10+2) and received Pratibha award for Excellence in Education
  • A student from Karim Nagar, Nazia Ahson set record by securing District 2nd rank in IPE (10+2) in 2nd Batch
  • In line with the vision of expansion to serve the community far and wide and make quality education reachable, MS established:
    • MS Junior College for Girls (Malakpet)
    • MS Creative School (Toli Chowki)
    • MS Education Center (Toli Chowki)
    • MS Creative School (Sitafalmandi)
    • MS Junior College (Nizamabad)
  • On special invitation of MS group of Institutions, IAS topper Dr. Shah Faesal visited Hyderabad to address MS students in a program called ‘Dream Big’ organized to let the aspiring students meet their role models and get inspired to dream big and achieve it. He promised his support for the cause of MS and volunteered to be the Brand Ambassador.

2009 - Year of Responsibility

  • Set new records in competitive exams by securing breakthrough ranks in IIT-JEE, AIEEE as well as EAMCET. Abdul Amir Khan qualified for all top three engineering exams/institutions viz., IIT, AIEEE and BITS Pilani
  • Secured AP State 128th rank in EAMCET
  • 41 students achieved top ranks in EAMCET to secure free seats in MBBS under Government quota
  • Engineering students maintained pace with number of students getting free seats increasing exponentially
  • Bagged State 1st rank in BUMSCET (Bachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery). With the opening of opportunities for Unani doctors, competition in this entrance increased manifold and MS students too geared up for it.
  • Maintained the 980+ benchmark yet again. A. Anusri from MS Junior College scored 981/1000 marks in IPE (10+2) to do the honours
  • Stethoscopes Ceremony: Organized a meet for the alumni of MS, who are either pursuing MBBS or working as Doctors to help them realize their responsibility as a Muslim Doctor. This Alumni meet was attended by more than 150 Alumni doctors and they were honoured with certificates and presented stethoscopes.
  • Expanded the management team to delegate responsibilities, meet challenges, and fulfill the vision of quality education and organic growth cum expansion in years to come.
  • Launched the MS website www.msedcationacademy.in

2008 - Year of Escalation

  • Entered in the next level of competition by bagging All India No.1 award in Biology from the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Novshaba scored 985/1000 marks in IPE (10+2) to achieve this feat
  • DBT scholarship and Gold Medal was also awarded to her by the Central Government and presented in person by the Chief Minister of AP
  • Also received Pratibha award for Excellence in Education from the State Government
  • Results in EAMCET especially medicine continue to improve with 27 students securing free seats in MBBS under Government quota. Numerous students got free seats in Engineering owing to better preparation at MS and availability of engineering colleges in AP
  • Hundreds of Engineers were in the making from a single institution, MS Junior College
  • In continuation to the campaign to promote Boys education at the 10+2 level, undertook many initiatives including establishment of MS Students Hostel for Boys at Mallepally
  • Launched the campaign “Boys are our Future; Girls are our Pride”
  • Impressed by the growing results and impact on education of Minorities, Noble Education Foundation of Delhi called upon Mr. Mohammed Lateef Khan to India Islamic Cultural Center in New Delhi with the intention of helping Delhi students through his Memory and Personality Development techniques

2007 - Year of Graduation

  • The efforts towards all round development paid off in the form of BEST SCHOOL of the YEAR award handed over to principal of MS Creative School by the Department of Education, Government of AP for its Discipline in sports and Academics
  • Introduced the concept of Graduation Ceremony for Pre Primary students. Dressed in Graduation gowns and caps and armed with certificates and keys to success, these kids were made to realize the importance of schooling, discipline and responsibilities
  • The winning saga continued with Rubeena Begum scoring 984/1000 marks and Vlquar unnisa 982/1000 marks in the IPE (10+2) of AP to book their position in the state top 10
  • Pratibha award for Excellence in Education was awarded again to both the toppers
  • Engineering results were promising as ever, but Medicine won the limelight with extraordinary results
  • Established MS Junior College for Boys in Shahalibanda, the core old city area to focus on Boys Education
  • Also started MS Junior College in Karim Nagar as a satellite branch to cater to the students from remote places

2006 - Year of Consistency

  • Putting an end to the suspicion and apprehension of many, Allah swt bestowed MS Junior College with another great achievement in the form of State 6th Rank in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Syeda Ayesha Fatima secured 984/1000 marks in IPE (1 0 + 2) of AP to claim the honour
  • Pratibha award for Excellence in Education was awarded again to the topper of our institution
  • More than a hundred students made it to Engineering in various Engineering Colleges of erstwhile AP
  • Efforts put in for girl’s education proved their worth not just in results but also in admissions. In order to meet the demand of girl’s admission from Hyderabad and district, established MS Students Hostel for Girls at Mehdipatnam
  • Emphasized on consistency in schools and colleges across branches
  • Developed Teaching-learning process in schools to make it child centric and result oriented
  • A so focused on all round development of the children through activities and sports other than academics

2005 - Year of Success

  • First time in the history of AP, a Muslim girl from Hyderabad secured STATE FIRST RANK from MS Junior College. She scored 985/1000 marks in the 12th board exams (Intermediate Public Exam)
  • The then Chief Minister Dr. Y.S. RajaSekhara Reddy personally visited MS Junior College to crown State 1st rank to our student Ayesha Fatima. He appreciated the efforts of MS group of Institutions and proudly announced 4.5% reservation for Muslim community from the dais of MS Junior College
  • He also awarded Pratibha award for Excellence in Education
  • To promote girl education and create avenues of accessibility, established MS Junior College lor Girls at Mehdipatnam
  • Also established MS Education Center for coaching of competitive and board exams in Mehdipatnam
  • Meanwhile, MS Creative School received encouraging response from the parent community; nicknamed as the school we were waiting for. Driven by this need and demand, established MS Creative School at Akbar Bagh, Malakpet
  • A section of the community blamed luck for the outstanding results of MS
  • Seats in Engineering and Medicine soared to become the driving force of the institution

2004 - Year of Creativity

  • Established MS Junior College for Girls at Moghalpura to provide a safe, secure and competitive environment for Muslim girls to succeed
  • Also established MS Education Center in the heart of old city, Charminar to provide easy access to quality education for the underprivileged section of the community
  • The extensive research on schooling and upbringing led to the establishment MS Creative School Primary Section and MS Talent School at Asif Nagar to tap the hidden creativity, talent and potential of students
  • Modern and Islamic Education concept was Introduced for the first time in AP. Islamic environment was created to help children learn Islam naturally while Deeniyat was taught as an additional subject
  • Junior College results were very promising and encouraging as well
  • Numerous students bagged free seats in Engineering & Medicine

2003 - Year of Transition

  • It was the 3rd year of schooling and children were ready to move on to Primary from Pre Primary section; performed lot of research, brainstorming and consultation with many experts from the relevant fields to decide upon the concept of Primary and High School
  • Successfully handled all the challenges of a new Junior College; provided individual attention to students and hand holding to lecturers to ensure proper execution of plans and enable quality in education
  • Ranks in EAMCET continue to pour and made the whole community proud

2002 - Year of Growth

  • Established MS Junior College at Masab Tank and Malakpet with the vision of producing Muslim toppers
  • Introduced Islamic Studies in the curriculum of Junior College in order to guide the students in their daily lives and hereafter
  • More time, more efforts and better results
  • Also established MS Education Center at Malakpet for competitive coaching of SSC, Intermediate and EAMCET

2001 - Year of Realization

  • Realized the materialistic nature of education which outputs, a selfish breed of achievers who are competitive and self-centered rather than helping and contributing to the community
  • Chalked out plans for imparting Tarbiyah alongside modern education
  • Started working on Softskills Is of the students along with FELT
  • Needed more time to groom emotionally sensitive successful students who could benefit the community in return
  • Started EAMCET Intensive Coaching program to produce better results
  • Academy results were inspiring
    • Sadia Jabeen scored 975/1000 marks in the 12th board exams (Intermediate Public Exam) and
    • Mehjabeen bagged State 27th rank in EAMCET to claim State 1st position among minorities

2000 - Year of Recognition

  • In order to improve learning skills at the grass root level and help children learn naturally in a stress free environment, Launched MS Creative School at Humayun Nagar for classes Playgroup to Grade I
  • One of a kind with well researched concepts based on all round development. Conducive Environment where a Teacher becomes Facilitator and students become Explorers
  • Introduced Play pen for the first time in Hyderabad
  • MS Education Center continued to produce results on larger level
  • Bagged State 66th and State 95th rank in EAMCET
  • Secured state 2nd rank from the second batch of competitive coaching for BCA

1999 - Year of Improvisation

  • Realizing the fact that many good and potential students don’t get opportunities, MS launched a Talent Search Exam. This exam reached far and wide to the remote areas of the state and let students appearing for SSC to prove their mettle
  • Top students were given free coaching and awards to bring out the best in them
  • Pursuit for helping students excel through better learning methods continued to eclipse the thoughts and this resulted in the formation of FELT (Foundation for Effective Learning Techniques)
  • Founder Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Mohammed Abdul Lateef Khan mastered the art of Memory Development and Personality Development and offered expert training to the students appearing for competitive exams to be confident and fare better
  • Leased an independent bigger premises in Masab Tank to accommodate the growing strength and provide better facilities to meet the expectations
  • Secured state 66th rank from the very first batch of competitive coaching for BCA

1998 - Year of Stabilization

  • Collaborated with SIASAT daily and published model SSC exam papers in the newspaper. This was so widely accepted that schools including Government and Private started using these papers for pre-final. It continues to be a guide till today
  • Started an innovative Pre EAMCET concept to help students check their preparation level. This helped them customize their study plan
  • Devised a residential camp for aspiring students to focus exclusively for EAMCET
  • Awarded Gold medals, certificates and Scholarships to the meritorious and deserving students
  • Improvised the teaching strategies and introduced incentive based system for students as well as teachers
  • Launched coaching classes for BCA, a high in demand course of the time

1997 - Year of Momentum

  • MS gained momentum and established itself as a brand in the education sector
  • Many students continued to shine at the EAMCET in Engineering as well as Medicine. Many minority ranks within state top 100
  • Started Teaching Line to help students get home tuitions from successful students

1996 - Year of Perseverance

  • Initiated backward integration by partnering with schools and providing them educational services including career guidance
  • Organized Education awareness campaigns at various locations
  • Visited schools to bring awareness
  • Launched Career Guidance Book
  • Achieved great results in EAMCET despite change in exam pattern from objective to subjective
  • Survived financial turmoil and challenges of stability of a startup SME

1995 - Year of Career Awareness

  • Started full day SSC private classes with separate focus for higher achieving students and dropouts
  • Started addressing the student issues whether related to studies or career. This led to wider approach and more students becoming successful
  • Expectations from the parent community started growing strong
  • Started pooling in expert faculty on need based irrespective of demands
  • Realizing the need for awareness and inspiration of students, conducted many Career guidance related activities, Partnered in Career exhibition and launched a Career Calendar
  • Alhamdulillah! MS surpassed the expectations

1994 - Year of Motivation

  • It was a daunting task to get admission in Engineering or Medicine back then. However, ranks were getting showered on MS by the grace of Almighty Allah which fueled and furtherance of vision
  • Moved to a bigger premises with more facilities at Masab Tank in RK Chambers
  • Started morning and evening batches for the convenience of the students and on demand of the parents
  • Also started work towards Career Guidance awareness to inspire the students
  • Consistent efforts – consistent results

1993 - Year of Challenges

  • Encouraging results and enormous response led to expansion
  • Rented separate premises in Masab Tank opposite Polytechnic College
  • Paid more emphasis on academic performance
  • 2nd year results were even more encouraging despite many setbacks, financial challenges and limited resources
  • Results were encouraging that boosted the morale, stabilized and filled with passion to do more

1992 - Year of Dedication

  • Set Focus on the goal , Top Faculty, Optimum utilization of resources, Timely motivation
  • Started coaching for entrance of Polytechnic along with SSC, Intermediate and EAMCET with reasonable fee structure
  • Also started coaching for LFJC entrance, a very competitive exam of that time
  • Shared premises of Maulana Azad Memorial High School for evening coaching classes
  • 3 students got free MBBS seats in Government Medical Colleges from the very first batch
  • EAMCET ranks – 318, 436 and 513 out thousands of students

1991 - Year of Establishment

  • Deep concern coupled with passion to elevate the educational standard of the community led to the foundation of MS Education Center
  • Started concept based highly focused coaching classes for SSC, Intermediate and EAMCET
  • With passion for educating the aspiring students of the community, a 19 year old student took a visionary initiative from a small 2 room premises along with his friends
  • Won parent’s appreciation and trust within no time

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