MS Creative Kids provides a complete education system that caters to the needs of the contemporary society by striking the right balance between secular and spiritual instruction. It is no wonder then, that the products of MS Creative Kids are ensured a successful and happy life, without the ills of stress and lifestyle diseases associated with success today.

Board of Directors

Mohammed Lateef Khan

-Chairman, MS Schools, Junior Colleges and Education Centre.

An electronics and communication engineer, he is a committed educationist who has relentlessly tried to bring quality education at the door steps of the average student. He is well known for his research and training in the field of memory development and has established FELT (Foundation For Effective Learning Techniques) which has benefitted innumerable students preparing for various competitive exams. He has also rendered service in the field of educational counseling and career guidance.

Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain

-Senior Director

A post graduate in mathematics and education, Mr. Hussain is an eminent academician and provides valuable inputs both in academic development as well as applied educational psychology.

Anwar Ahmed

-Managing Director

Mr. Ahmed holds a post graduate degree in mathematics and bachelors in education. He serves as an academic advisor and student counselor.

MS Creative Kids

The pre-primary year’s curriculum at MS Creative Kids is tailor made to meet the needs of its little wards, and incorporates the best practices in early year’s education. The state of art classrooms are furnished with child friendly equipment and are lined with the latest of teaching aids to ensure a stimulating environment for young minds. The highly motivated and well trained staff and the low student teacher ratio in each class (15:1) provide all the support a child needs away from home.

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MYJO Smart Schooling

MYJO Smart Schooling is the greatest alternative tool for kids. Curated by learning specialists at MS Research Foundation (MSRF), MYJO Smart Schooling offers a blend of online and offline instruction supported by teachers. It has been tailored to address student learning needs and styles. It helps the student become independent learners and parents/guardians become learning guides to help their children learn irrespective of access to premises or technology.

Spiritual development and character building

The day begins with a prayer of gratitude thanking ALLAH for all His mercies and bounties showered on us, inculcating in the young minds a sense of duty towards the Almighty.

However, spiritual instruction does not end but actually begins here.
Through various group activities. And during playtime, children learn the requisite social and emotional skills that help build character and teach them the rights and duties towards others.

Exploring the world, expanding horizons

Children by nature are very inquisitive and are constantly exploring their environment. There are loads of activities as well opportunities for them, both within and outside the class room, to observe, question, experiment and seek answers. The curriculum contains a wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials and activities to satisfy each child’s innate curiosity.

Developing cognitive skills

Many from main stream education may complain of math being ‘difficult’ or ‘boring’, but at MS Creative School, children from day one are exposed to various activities: blocks, beads, puzzles, board games, sorting exercises that build pre-math skills and pave the way for learning math concepts with joy and ease.

Combining fun and learning

Be it slides, jungle gym or climbers or play time indoors under skilled teachers, the child is having fun all the time as he learns to balance, coordinate and master fine motor skills. Such an environment with least didactic activities allows children freedom to explore the world at their own pace.

Releasing creative energy

Children are great observers and love to recreate the wonderful world they see. The arts session provides them with the liberty to create their own master pieces in a medium of their choice and with umpteen techniques mastered and practiced by teachers- from finger painting, vegetable printing to marbling and etching on wax. It’s a whole new world of colors and creativity that nurtures the creative genius in every child.

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Encouraging free expression

Communication is what sets mankind apart from other creations. Even in the early years, children need to be taught much more than the alphabet. They need to be taught to ask for their needs, to express their feelings, to interact with peers and adults, and to express frustration, anger and disappointment without losing self control. Our language classes cover all the basic vocabulary and instructions and allow sufficient practice for each child to master them.


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