The MS Lateefi 40 is a Khidmat Initiative of MS to motivate minority students towards IIT/NEET. MS Lateefi 40 is an IIT/NEET preparatory coaching program where meritorious students are offered free education.

It is a free integrated program where the top-40 students are selected through a rigorous selection process after class X and provided free Intermediate and IIT/NEET coaching simultaneously. They are also provided free food and lodging facility.

Deserving students also receive a stipend of Rs. 1,000/-. The two years of coaching at MS Lateefi 40 groom the students to command their ranks and seats in top medical and engineering colleges, such as IITs, NITs, AIIMs, and government colleges.

MS started this program after seeing the insignificant representation of Muslims in IIT and other prestigious institutions in India. The management keeps an eye on the changing trends and makes updates to faculties and students to keep the community’s students at par with the mainstream students.

The management also organizes motivational lectures and confidence-building programs frequently to motivate the students.

For any query, please call: +91 95735 19922 or email: [email protected]


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