Teachers' Day Celebration 2023 @ MS!
Takmeel-e-Hifz-e-Quran (5th Dastaar Bandi)
MS Junior College's NEET Toppers Felicitation
Zaibus Skills Centre Inauguration
MS Creative School SSC Toppers Felicitation
MS Junior College Toppers Felicitation
MS Creative Kids Graduation Day 2023
Akhlaaq Show 2023
MS Degree College - Jashn-e-Kamiyabi
MS Himmat Day 2023
Teachers' Day 2022 Celebration @ MS!
MS Hifz Academy's 4th Dastaar Bandi Ceremony
Dream Big 2021
MYJO School@Home Inauguration Ceremony
MS Himmat Day
Felicitation of IAS Prelims Qualified Students
GRK Award Ceremony
Akhlaaq Fest 2020
Teachers Day 2019
Kids Graduation Ceremony 2019
Akhlaaq Show 2019 (Girls)
Akhlaaq Show 2019 (Boys)
English Fiesta 2018
Teachers Day 2018
Batch 2017 @ MS IAS ACADEMY
Graduation Ceremony

[youtube_video id=”7TGwT1u28Zw”]

Emotions Aplenty at the Teachers’ Day Event as MS Rewards 25 Teachers

[youtube_video id=”yPipeyg6KiY”]

MS’s Grand Teachers’ Day Event

[youtube_video id=”ZlAlKuLuylQ”]

MSians Recite Heartfelt Poem on Teachers Day

[youtube_video id=”5MzzIbqu35U”]

Takmeel-e-Hifz-e-Quran: MS Hifz Academy Dastaar Bandi Ceremony

[youtube_video id=”XMS2hjw2yQo”]

Grandparents Day celebration at MS Creative School

[youtube_video id=”8ZCPBeBLkR8″]

Celebrating 32 Years of Excellence

[youtube_video id=”K39faeKELo4″]

Chairman delivers Keynote Address on 32nd Foundation Day

[youtube_video id=”f9sxRnIlPtk”]

MS Education Academy Releases Tarana on 32nd Foundation Day

[youtube_video id=”4sXh6EKb5JE”]

MSians Shine at CCMB Young Innovators Program

[youtube_video id=”CJE4OZCAqzc”]

Path to Quran Memorization and Academic Excellence

[youtube_video id=”3Ak18XQ0MUA”]

Inauguration of Toastmasters Gavel Club at MS

[youtube_video id=”RDG4rJ9aNJM”]

A Young Author’s Inspiring Journey

[youtube_video id=”UalXaNC7f1U”]

MSians Sisters Shine in Karate

[youtube_video id=”rki3RthQO4Q”]

Felicitation of NEET 2023 Toppers

[youtube_video id=”fjfJDyPOsJM”]

Felicitation of MS IAS Academy Achiever

[youtube_video id=”Ny7U1gA0NMo”]

Mind Mapping & Memory Skills Training Workshop

[youtube_video id=”uOfCCY_wQUs”]

MS Teachers Dubai Trip

[youtube_video id=”Wj7t5bd-YSY”]

Zaibus Skills Centre to Empower Widows & Deserving Women

[youtube_video id=”M5r9PXeWdlc”]

MSian MD Burhan Zaman Achieve AIR 768 in UPSC CSE

[youtube_video id=”BkYIto-lqys”]

MS Honors Hafiz-e-Quran MSians for Achievement in SSC Exams

[youtube_video id=”HzOFAJM3EQw”]

MS Junior College Students Shine in TS EAMCET 2023

[youtube_video id=”TTy0eKuHMVo”]

Free Online Classes for Intermediate Supplementary Exams

[youtube_video id=”I1-XktlDMUs”]

CBSE-2023 Class 10th Topper Ù–Felicitation

[youtube_video id=”if0i72PvPYU”]

Empowering Teachers to Take Care of Students

[youtube_video id=”xJ5zWLx3O1A”]

12 MSians get GRK Awards for Scoring 10/10 cGPA

[youtube_video id=”3milXeUoTCw”]

MS Junior College Students Shine in Inter Exam

[youtube_video id=”rxENOkSrq3Q”]

MSians Bagged 138 Gold Medals in International Math Olympiad

[youtube_video id=”A_Ntg9xIAvw”]

Disobedient Child Skit

[youtube_video id=”PqFsDbgi1No”]

Health Cards Distribution

[youtube_video id=”x4RFgtOHEyU”]

Farewell Ceremony for SSC students

[youtube_video id=”mmvbZH8foUc”]

Grandma’s Kitchen

[youtube_video id=”OihDPBSB_JU”]

Surah Rahman Qirat

[youtube_video id=”Ar7O5dfHgLM”]

Akhlaaq Show 2023 in Brief

[youtube_video id=”KQNGxZxTBZ8″]

Importance of Father and Mother

[youtube_video id=”3P-SvqvEgBA”]

Parent in the Light of Quran

[youtube_video id=”y7VAiqxFqRY”]

Akhlaaq Towards Parents Presentation

[youtube_video id=”U9O57ZfYkHc”]

Qirath of Surah Rahman

[youtube_video id=”ae1V9smqCes”]

Tribute to Parents

[youtube_video id=”B38CayGPa9c”]

Hamd – Ya Mere Allah

[youtube_video id=”vcrkLxvhEE4″]

Patriotic Song ‘Yeh Desh Hamara Hai’

[youtube_video id=”xvKo83YEOYc”]

Student of the Year Awards Distribution

[youtube_video id=”1Bebz-3f6fo”]

Awards Announce for Participants of Mission Fajr

[youtube_video id=”kTGc2fAvmbc”]

MSians Performance Report by Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain

[youtube_video id=”c-w4Lg8dAdw”]

Inspiring Words by Anwar Ahmed

[youtube_video id=”5wCzmgtiMvY”]

Mohammed Lateef Khan’s Sincere Advice to the Parents

[youtube_video id=”W3ucAxVjUVE”]

Food Festival at MS Creative School Shastripuram

[youtube_video id=”93l0s098cp0″]

World Teen MPs Meet TS Home Minister

[youtube_video id=”KqHPpAyNY8w”]

Memory Training And Mind Mapping

[youtube_video id=”9iDVzaoRKdQ”]

MS Students Elected in 2nd World Teen Parliament

[youtube_video id=”FWPoice7Xh8″]

Mohammed Lateef Khan’s Motivational speech at Himmat Day

[youtube_video id=”gVKsCeix584″]

MS Education Academy Celebrates Himmat Day

[youtube_video id=”igkrkiIZ88s”]

Lady Macbeth at English Fest

[youtube_video id=”tcsAb0UKHxk”]

Shakespeare’s Play at English Fest

[youtube_video id=”EqxVNF77O90″]

English Fest – A Rendezvous with Language

[youtube_video id=”z995Qe6Dsdo”]

Annual Sports Day for MS Junior Colleges

[youtube_video id=”pk-LITzFH3A”]

Wall of Kindness at MS Creative School

[youtube_video id=”qi95sOEssJI”]

Annual Food Festival at MS Junior College

[youtube_video id=”bxGpfEt2O7E”]

Inauguration of Cubs & Bulbuls Group at MS Creative School

[youtube_video id=”KFR7GTL1jFg”]

Bharat Scouts & Guides Groups at MS Future School

[youtube_video id=”Ta-qbB3ibNo”]

MS Creative Kids’ School Sports Day Celebrations

[youtube_video id=”ZV_EYMndb3Y”]

MSian Ansar Uddin – Kickboxing National Champion 2022

[youtube_video id=”Ta-qbB3ibNo”]

Sports Day 2022-23 Celebrations at MS Creative Kids’ Schools

[youtube_video id=”J78xDolnQrM”]

MS Junior College Girls Completed 21 days Mission Fajr

[youtube_video id=”Iy-knq5DvP4″]

MS Teachers Returned from Umrah

[youtube_video id=”xZSMyGK8Uv4″]

MS Students complete 10 Days of Mission Fajr

[youtube_video id=”g2Y6Dmhueew”]

MSians Start Learning at STEM Tinkering & Innovation Lab

Bharat Scouts and Guides Cubs & Bulbuls at MS Future School

[youtube_video id=”azh9YTxZ0J0″]

MS Chairman Welcomes MS Teachers on their arrival in Jeddah

[youtube_video id=”E3tzGDh8i1w”]

MS Teachers Fly Off to Umrah on 27th Nov 2022

[youtube_video id=”ZfSLZ5et3yE”]

MS IAS Academy's 6th Batch Induction Ceremony

[youtube_video id=”IGAyX_5f5Y4″]

Robotics Lab Inauguration

[youtube_video id=”WDYKN7JXWm0″]

73rd Youm E Rahmatul lil Alameen

[youtube_video id=”c1EQ7Tk6lr4″]

MS supports Tameer E Millat 73rd Rahmatul Lil Alameen Event

[youtube_video id=”pVD5RAgLcEo”]

Teachers' Day Celebrations @ MS Education Academy

[youtube_video id=”kgqKgWCpvg0″]

SHUKRIYA | Teachers Day | @ MS Education Academy

[youtube_video id=”DfV6RIS8oo0″]

Teachers Day - 10 Days Celebration @ MS Education Academy

[youtube_video id=”855qVgykkUQ”]

7 Big Announcements from MS!

[youtube_video id=”qM9PHTth1Hg”]

Entrance Exam for Free Residential IAS Coaching

[youtube_video id=”Ba4aHa2kvU0″]

OlympIAS The first step for IIT/NEET/IAS Aspirants

[youtube_video id=”JZEa7w4DZbQ”]

Parent Orientation Programme 2022-23

[youtube_video id=”up7PpT96Ka0″]

TS Home Minister Felicitating MS Creative School Students

[youtube_video id=”0p50zkqaJgo”]


[youtube_video id=”3iguNe8OxDc”]

DROPPER TO TOPPER! Inspirational story of an MSian

[youtube_video id=”iLFza-zAujo”]

4th Dastaar Bandi Ceremony

[youtube_video id=”S6s1nO5cBGk”]

Dream Big 2021 - Motivational Talk for Community by IAS Toppers

[youtube_video id=”WdDizm7lU_I”]

Motivation Program for MSians by our IAS Toppers!

[youtube_video id=”e3UkP6-apo4″]

MS in Education Fair @ Siasat

[youtube_video id=”R_oL-H1hjcs”]

30th Anniversary of MS Education Academy

[youtube_video id=”_xLMgzyorm8″]

Distribution of Laptops among Teachers

[youtube_video id=”ereMiDDH4ZY”]

Republic Day Celebration 2021

[youtube_video id=”d98SfsCAr0Y”]

MS Himmat Day - Invitation to encourage our Orphan (Yateem) children.

[youtube_video id=”VcqsEsF6Xds”]

MS Chairman's Inspiring speech for Orphans on Himmat Day

[youtube_video id=”hfx0_18EoW4″]

MS Himmat Day Highlights

[youtube_video id=”0atAX2RCKxM”]

MS Managing Director Anwar Ahmed exhorts students to avail the benefit of Admission extension date

[youtube_video id=”DZv4MRbr-fs”]

MS Chairman speaking on Wonderful Results by MS Students in NEET 2020

[youtube_video id=”OO6bizJK7Jw”]

MSians speaks about their journey at MS Education Academy

[youtube_video id=”5-sQhXe-sKY”]

MS marks its Biggest moment in IIT-JEE Advanced

[youtube_video id=”KelR94y4B_s”]

(HYDERABAD FLOODS) MS Opens their School Buildings for the needy

[youtube_video id=”xTWm5I62fKY”]

Felicitation Program of Intermediate 2019 Toppers

[youtube_video id=”0i47QRFteMk”]

Felicitation Program of SSC 2019 Toppers

[youtube_video id=”LR5r-bB7-y0″]

MS Hifz Academy Convocation Ceremony

[youtube_video id=”NlTguJJPOas”]

MS Creative Kids Graduation Ceremony 2019

[youtube_video id=”DmPHgmBDHTY”]

MS Creative Kids Graduation Ceremony 2018

[youtube_video id=”t9EbJL-teOU”]

MS Creative Kids - Recitation Competition

[youtube_video id=”UF3Z8jdgGqw”]

MS Creative School - English Fiesta 2018

[youtube_video id=”ry8xLFJzFds”]

Legal Services Awareness Camp @ MS Creative School

[youtube_video id=”6U4MGGBxRSM”]

MS Introduction

[youtube_video id=”qg7CXtUAXPk”]

[youtube_video id=”S0KanO7gNwo”]

Akhlaaq Show 2014

[youtube_video id=”Eb02cu8K00E”]

[youtube_video id=”GaTUFSx-sJU”]

Grand Parents Day 2014

[youtube_video id=”gSTxaupycDE”]

[youtube_video id=”4xI9jIeRHT8″]

[youtube_video id=”VjPFPIx6ARE”]


[youtube_video id=”TbY7Q8Mpxt8″]

Memory Development Workshop - Indian Islamic Cultural Center.

[youtube_video id=”3QHj-YfGbEs”]

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