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MS organizes a 3-Day “ICONIC Principals” workshop

Hyderabad: MS organized a 3-Day workshop entitled “ICONIC Principals” in collaboration with MFERD for HM and Principals. The workshop, held at Murad Nagar Branch, Hyderabad from 25th September to 27th September 2017, covered wide range of new techniques of teaching methodologies as well as various aspects of management practices.

Participation to this workshop was on registration and invitation basis. More than 100 Principals of MFERD affiliates schools from across the country had registered for this workshop but only 80 registrations were extended invitation on first come first served basis.

The conference provided outstanding learning; useful and applicable strategies; and the chance to see Edu-heroes face to face. The features of the workshop were: innovative learning experiences, effective collaboration to inspire others in the creation of positive change for students and teachers, The Principal’s role in Successful Schools, parenting and more.

“It was an unrivaled opportunity for school leaders to come together to understand each other’s expertise and roles. The training changed our perspective”, said Asma Anjum, one of the participants of the workshop. “Everyone who attended the workshop came out with lasting connections and real-world solutions to revolutionize our schools”.
The 3 day workshop covered the following topics exhaustively:

  1. Habits are powerful source of change and the difference between success and failure.
  2. Making small changes by developing habits.
  3. “Goal Setting” should also become habit for focus and direction and goal must be converted into actionable steps.
  4. Being aware of small habits that can bring down kingdoms.
  5. Vision 2036 is our response for sustainable upliftment of our community.
  6. Practicing “10 Sec Rule” to develop Patience.
  7. Encouraging teachers to entertain non-conventional ideas to spur creativity (Using different teaching metho-dologies).
  8. Shifting our vocabulary from “Slow Learners” to “Late Bloomers” – counseling done in right way helps develop this challenge.
  9. “House System” – if implemented in classrooms in a structured manner, helps develop collaborative leadership.
  10. Standardized process in academics as well as Admin should be in place and principals should take the charge.
  11. Skill will matrix, lean teacher practice and EADCP were learned.
  12. Islamic perspective of leadership was discussed in detail.
  13. There was also a special session on Code of Conquest (Tarbiyat).
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