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Being in teaching profession, we need to regularly remind ourselves the purpose of our work, commitment, focus and to update our knowledge in the ever changing educational scenario.

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I would like the teachers to sincerely take the pledge for building and moulding the future of the students with strong enthusiasm and dedication towards the goal.

  1. I love teaching, teaching is my soul.
  2. All my actions with my students should be with kindness and affection.
  3. I will treat my students equally and will not support any differentiation on grounds of religion and language.
  4. I will continue to build the capacities in teaching, so that I can impart quality education to my students.
  5. I will encourage my students to ask questions and thus develop the spirit of Inquiry.
  6. I will organize and conduct my life in such a way, that my life should act as a message for my student.
  7. I should be clear about why I want to teach and should have a deep sense of commitment to fulfill that purpose.
  8. I have to uplift the morale and enthusiasm of students who have low esteem and confidence.
  9. I need to be flexible and approachable for the students to clarify their problems and doubts.
  10. My motto of teaching will be “for the students, by the students and to the students.” To make education accountable and accessible to all, irrespective of caste and creed.


Afreen Almas
MS Creatie High School
Murad Nagar Branch

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