• My daughter has joined this year only and Alhamdulillah i am satisfied with the studies specially with Urdu and Deeniyath.

    However there are some rooms for improvement in few subjects, Hope there will be inshallah.

    Overall i am satisfied. Jazakallah.

    Hajera Begum
  • For the first time in her life my daughter jumps out of her bed first thing in the morning without being told to get up, does her work without being told, and spends all her free time on creative projects. This school has transformed our lives.

    Jazakallah from bottom of my heart to all staff members associated with my daughter's school.

    Mother of Shazia Jabeen
  • I feel honoured and would express my heart felt satisfaction by appreciating the efforts of the MS faculty right from when my child was in 3rd standard. I feel that the environment at MS is so motivating, inspiring and it imbibes the learning attitude in students.

    I would advise the parents who wish to see their child excel in academics to be with them during the study time and keep a track on the schedules and be very careful about the ‘diet’ of the children as it directly effects the learning.

    Awes Rabbani
  • We are very elated at the success of our daughter Syeda Noora Jabeen and are very confident too. We attribute the success of our child to the MS faculty. Constant motivation by the teachers was immensely productive. The direction, way and clarity to prepare the child provided by MS was very successful. I whole heartedly appreciate the total planning and implementation of the result oriented learning provided . I would like to express my heart felt appraisal to the Principal Mrs. S. Afroz Banu who constantly counseled the girls to reach the top slot.

    Syed Mubashir Vaseem
  • Assalamu Alaikum,

    As a parent, first we want to thank Almighty Allah for blessing our son with such a great and fabulous result 9.8 (CGPA). We also thank MS Management for encouraging our child and guiding him at every step. Alhamdullillah! MS is a marvelous institution with both Modern & Islamic Education. We are thankful to Allah that school has guided to achieve our son’s dreams. As a parent we feel very proud that our son had scored such a great GPA and had learnt in such a wonderful school MS helped our son believe in himself and gave the determination to dream and pursue his dreams. Alhamdullilah! MS played a key role behind our child’s success. At the day of results our expectations met at MS our son has dedicated his achievement to us an the whole team of MS School especially the principal who was the driving force behind his progress. We are really thankful to Mr. Zia Ullah Sir, Principal of Mallepally Branch and to the teacher who dedicated themselves for his achievement. I am thankful to Rubina mam Incharge of I/C batch, Mr. Mohd Abdul Rawoof (Telugu sir), Mr. Fazal Ahmed (urdu sir), Mr. Anuradha Mam (English), Mr.Ashraf Mohd sir (Maths ) Mr. Abdul Raheem sir (Physics) Mr. Thakur Rghudyal (Biology)Mrs. Asra (S.st) and other teachers like Sana mam, Yasmeen Mam, Iftekhar sir, Wadood sir, Krishnakant sir, and sriveni mam who had done hard work behind our child’s success.

    Alhamdulillah! We liked the schedule followed at MS for 10th class. We liked the time table followed at MS everyday they uised to test. That is weekly test which is very helpful for them. Even block test also helped them for prepareation of their final exams. We thank to all the staff members and our directors specially Mr. Abdul Lateef Khan for guiding our son in such a way. Finally, we conclude by giving some advise to the future parents who wish to see their child excel in academics. So my advice is to not give any mobile phones and some electronic gadgets like tabletsand laptops.Use only internet when it is necessary. Make a time table and follow it regularly without fail. Follow the teachers advise and listen lessons very carefully. Clarify the doubts, keep on doing smart work and hard work. All the best ! for the next outgoing batch of MS. We hope the same results from the students specially boys.

    Thank You.

    Mohd Zaheeruddin
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