Identifying the need to revive the Maktab system of the past where after Fajr and Asr prayers, children would gather at the Mohallah masjid to acquire deeni Taleem.

Under this programme, Maktabs are being setup at the Mohallah Masjid and schools, where the understanding of Islam is imparted through Quran and Hadith. The children will acquire Deeniyat Taleem after their school study at these Maktabs, where special emphasis is given on inculcating ethics, good moral values and Akhlaaq among the learners.

MS is leaving no stones unturned to ensure quality in Islamic Education. It sincerely believes that Tarbiyath is more important and it has to be carefully planned at every step of child’s experience whether at school, Maktab or at home. The many initiatives in this regards include Tarbiyat chart encouragement cards, Annual event for Maktab, classroom learning and more.


Masab Tank:

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