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Discover Yourself

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“I am me, you are you, thank you Allah you made me”.

This is the hymn my daughter would sing every morning when she would go to school. At that moment she did not understand the depth and wonderful meaning of these lines; but often ponder on them.

“I am me “__ a unique creation of Allah with our personality and talent and purpose in life. No one can replace me as Allah’s plan for the world.

What a pity! So many of us even don’t know who we really are and what our purpose is in this life. Oh! How blindly we follow the latest fashion and fads and do the “n” number of things that everyone else is doing. How readily we destroy our beautiful, uniqueness by becoming one of the crowd!

Frustration in people in today’s world is a common phenomenon. This is because there is no realization among us. We have not discovered ourselves. If we spend at least ten minutes a day in silence and look inward, we will soon unearth our precious self.

Only then we will realize that one Abdul Kalam, one Shahrukh Khan, one Ashwariya Rai or even one Mother Teresa are created by Allah as a component of the wonder of jigsaw puzzle which is the world.

Do you want to see Allah’s jigsaw puzzle incomplete, surely not! So find yourself in order to fit perfectly into the place meant for you.

Remember our esteemed chairman’s word:
“I don’t want to be one in the crowd, I want to be above the crowd”.

Mrs. Radha Vedha (Social studies Teacher )
Akbarbagh Boys branch

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