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EdVenture Park: Foster 203 Startups in Just Three Years

EdVenture Park, an initiative of MS Education Academy, has emerged as India’s premier student-focused startup incubator. In just three years, it has successfully nurtured the growth of 203 startups, thanks to the dedication of 450 students. EdVenture Park was founded with the primary goal of empowering young minds to turn their ideas into reality, fostering entrepreneurship, and promoting gender diversity.

This remarkable achievement was celebrated during a demo day event, marking the completion of the 8th pre-incubation program, held at the Corporate Office of the MS Education Academy. The event was attended by influential business leaders and seasoned investors from Hyderabad.

During this momentous occasion, Meraj Faheem, Chief Executive Officer, reflected on EdVenture Park’s three-year journey. He shared that EdVenture Park was founded three years ago in collaboration with MS Education Academy with the aim of igniting the spirit of entrepreneurship among college students. The primary objective was to assist aspiring entrepreneurs in transforming their innovative business ideas into reality.

EdVenture Park operates as a student-centric startup incubator, offering a comprehensive 4-month pre-incubation program for college students. It actively seeks out students with a passion for business and technology, as well as innovative ideas. Through specialized workshops and mentorship, participants are guided through the initial stages of entrepreneurship. This unique opportunity enables students to experiment and launch their own companies while pursuing their education.

The 13-week pre-incubation program empowers startups to build their minimum viable product, paving the way for a subsequent 3-month incubation phase. During this phase, businesses focus on product development, market expansion, and attracting investors to ensure sustainable growth and success. EdVenture Park serves as an invaluable platform for nurturing student innovation, having supported the development of over 200 startups spanning various fields, including fintech, healthtech, greentech, and electric vehicles. Notably, 66% of the 4,500 founders involved in these 200 startups are female students.

MS Education Academy Chairman Mohammad Lateef Khan, who also serves as the Chairman of EdVenture Incubation Foundation, commended the graduating startups and their student collaborators. He encouraged students to embrace uniqueness and persevere in making their ideas a reality, while urging parents to provide unwavering support.

The demo day event witnessed the participation of esteemed individuals from Hyderabad, including Mohammad Fayyaz (Founder, Intelgalsa IT Solutions, Grovice Academy, Employee First), Faseeh KM (Director, Madina and Global Group of Institutions), Zakiuddin Muhammad (Regional Director, Facilitated Microfinance Society), and Vikas (Head of Social Initiatives at Cyberabad Police Commissionerate). These distinguished guests expressed their support for EdVenture Park’s mission to foster innovation and create a conducive business environment in the country.

Among the startups that graduated on this momentous day were,,,,,, and 25 others. Notably, several EdVenture Park-trained startups have secured funding and are making a significant impact in the market, such as BioReform Pvt Ltd (Biodegradable Bags),, Torq Electric Pvt Ltd, and Unicorn for Women.

EdVenture Park, an initiative of MS Education Academy, has made remarkable strides in nurturing student entrepreneurship and innovation in India. Over the course of three years, it has successfully incubated 200 startups, with a strong focus on empowering female students. Through its unique pre-incubation and incubation programs, it has enabled young minds to transform their innovative ideas into thriving businesses. With the continued dedication of both students and mentors, EdVenture Park is poised to further contribute to India’s startup landscape.

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