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English department vows to make students of global standard

English plays an important role in our everyday life. In today’s world, clear and accurate communication in English is essential. People, with poor command over English may face difficulty in adjusting with the new environment. It is seen more as a language of influence and authorization.

Considering the importance and the necessity of English language, we at MS have taken a few initiatives to reform and revise our ways of teaching this significant and global language. So that our students should not feel left out in this world due to weak communicative skills.

Presently English is taught in the following manner in our classroom:

I) The introduction of the lesson, drilling of word meaning,
II) Content explanation, explanation of lexical and grammatical items ,
III) Oral discussion, oral evaluation on the spot, corrections if need be,
IV) Some extrapolatory questions for lateral thinking,
V) Comprehension passages,
VI) Homework or assignment on the task just completed are the regular exercises.
VII) Corrections and timely feedback are the habitual routines.

Apart from the above, the following initiatives in the coming academic year are in pipeline that will definitely keep our students at par with others.

New initiatives of English Department

  1. Today a reader, tomorrow a leader. Loud reading to be a regular exercise in our classes. Reading is not just important for acquiring knowledge, it will help to build vocabulary too.
  2. Difficult words to be written 5 times each and dictation to be given for every lesson.
  3. Frame sentences: Framing of sentences to be included in every lesson.
  4. Communicative skills strengthened with CE periods and a separate text book to enhance these skills.
  5. Teaching of grammar is an essential part of teaching any language. A careful progression from the simplest to the more complex items of grammar gives children the confidence and reassurance they need to build their own sentences and develop their communicative strategies as they progress. This will be achieved with the introduction of a grammar text book.
  6. Handwriting book, consisting of two sets: one to improve the curves and the basics and the other one to improve the hand writing.
  7. One oral test and one written test in every month apart from the other formative and summative assessments, projects and activities. It’s very important that classroom activities and assessments are appropriate and engaging. This encourages students to learn in a positive environment and helps them to use English effectively in real-life situations.
  8. We will also try to improve the teaching standards with regular assessments and trainings for the professional development of the teachers.

Last but not the least: Learning is not a spectator sport: If one wants to master English, one should get involved and practice as much as possible.

Rukhsana Mushtaq,
HOD (English), CARD

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