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Failure can be the key to success

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    • Failure must be taken as a stepping stone to win again.
    • Each failure takes you one step closer to success.
    • One must not give up, but continue to persist, even if one fails.
    • One must learn from one’s mistake.
    • The same mistakes must not be committed.
    • It must motivate you further to take necessary action to rectify the situation and thus be a winner.
    • Failure is also necessary, In order to know what success is.
    • You can enjoy the fruits of success, if you have experienced the hardships of failure.
    • Failure paves the road to success.
    • Life is full of failure this fact will never change.
    • Successful people have failed on their way forward.
    • Don’t let failure force you to quit.
    • Failure will help you applicable success letter and learn more and discover new things.

Ayesha Zaheer Mam
(Vice Principal)
Mallepally Branch

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