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In an effort to cultivate scientific curiosity and foster creativity among young minds, the renowned CSIR-Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB) in Hyderabad conducted the Young Innovators Program (YIP) this year. The program included participants from 8th, 9th, and 10th-grade students across government and private schools in Telangana, with a total of 27 individuals selected to take part. Among the chosen participants, five students from MS Creative School made their mark during the 10-day program held from 3rd to 12th January 2024.

The selected students from MS Creative School include Junaid Mohammed Khan, Syeda Zahra Fatima, Tanyeem Banu, Soha Fateen Siddiqui, and Syed Wajahathullah.

Throughout the Young Innovators Program, CCMB scientists provided insights into various scientific domains, including genetics, vaccine preparation, histology, laboratory equipment usage, genetic research, and recent discoveries. The program, which commenced on 3rd January 2024, aims to dispel the fear of science while inspiring participants to explore the exciting world of science and technology. Certificates are awarded to students who successfully complete the program, and MS has been actively participating in CCMB YIP.

Dr. Vinay Kumar Nandikuri, Director of CCMB, emphasized the growing importance of science and technology in society and highlighted the role of the Young Innovators program in enhancing students’ curiosity in this field. He stated, “We are doing our best to dispel the fear of science for YIP participants.”

Sayeda Zaheera Fatima from MS Creative School, Mallepally, expressed her passion for science and technology, stating, “My goal is to become a scientist. After coming here, I got more motivation. I will work hard to find vaccines to prevent new diseases.”

Junaid Mohammed Khan, from MS Creative School, Muradnagar, shared his excitement, saying, “The days we spent there were like a dream come true. We got a chance to interact with senior scientists who taught us the latest technology in biotechnology.”

Tanyeem Banu, also from MS Creative School, Muradnagar, expressed her fascination with the facilities at CCMB and her gratitude for the opportunity. “I met the scientists doing groundbreaking research and got a chance to interact with them. It was my dream to extract DNA from plants, which came true at CCMB.”

Syed Wajahathullah, representing MS OlympIAS-40, highlighted his journey from the initial test to the hands-on experience at CCMB. “Being a student at OlympIAS, it was very easy for me to crack the test. My favorite experience was extracting DNA during our time at CCMB.” In a testament to its commitment to fostering scientific curiosity, MSian has consistently demonstrated active participation in the prestigious CSIR-CCMB Young Innovators Program (YIP). Last year, MSian Sara Tahoor and MSian Abubaker Siddiq made notable contributions by participating in the YIP 2023 at CCMB.

This year, the enthusiasm from MS has grown, with the number of participants increasing by three. This significant rise reflects MS Creative School’s dedication towards encouraging and exposing students to a scientific temper. It showcases MS proactive role in nurturing young minds and providing them with opportunities to explore the exciting world of science and technology through the esteemed Young Innovators Program.

The Young Innovators Program by CCMB is designed for students in grades VIII to X, aiming to identify talented young individuals and expose them to active research labs. Through a short test, 25 to 30 students are selected for a two-week hands-on experience in research at CCMB, where they engage in various experiments and interact with scientists. Upon successful completion, students are awarded certificates, emphasizing the program’s commitment to nurturing scientific curiosity and enthusiasm among young minds.

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