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Importance of parenting in child’s growth

Parents role is important in child’s well-being either its physical social or emotional. Being a parent is most responsible and challenging job than any other job but unfortunately none of us approach parenting as we focus for jobs. Parents often get less involved as their child grows but child will require parental attention throughout the life.

We often see that parents get very alert once the child starts going to school thinking about their daily chores, homework, sending them to school on time making them complete their tasks. Once the child is off to school there is a time for parents to breath but when the child is on vacation the other challenges starts and needs all your time. Where the child needs communication, attention and attachment with parents.

Secure attachment between parent and child, encourages healthy development, builds resilience, paves the way for how well your child will function as an adult in a relationship, and have a positive impact on brain development. Hence effective parenting is required for child’s positive development.

Tips for effective parenting:

  1. Talk with and listen to your child -Communication is important both verbal and non-verbal (hug, touch,) communication.
  2. Be your child’s first source of information. Encouraging your children to ask questions.
  3. Explore all areas of your child’s development — physical, intellectual, social, emotional and moral.
  4. Support your child’s interests and talents.
  5. Try to spend time alone with each of your children every day.
  6. Praise your children’s differences and avoid comparing
  7. Make time for family activities.
  8. Set limits and Explain your rules and decisions
  9. Avoid harsh discipline
  10. Be consistent
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