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INTENTION – The first step to success

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Everything we do in a day, in fact lifetime; begins with intention. We intend to get up, dress ourselves and go to school. We intend to take stairs instead of lift. Have salad for lunch and enjoy with friends. But the fact is we begin with intentions. We make choices every day.

As far as I believe, the result of the intention is sometimes positive and sometimes help us to improve something we’re not good at. Every day is a new chance to begin with the intent of having a great and a happy day.

We should start our day with the mindset that we will be successful today with a good attitude. “Our intention creates our reality – Wayne Dyer. Every morning you have two choices either to continue to sleep with your dreams or to wake up, make intention to chase the dreams because intention leads to behavior which leads to habits which leads to personality development which leads to DESTINY.

So wake up every morning and remind yourself – ‘I can do this’ with positive intentions to better yourself and the lives of those around you because incredible things can happen as long as you keep your mind open and your intentions pure. Just try to make intention for 28 days, which consumes 1 minute each day. It will turn into your habit and surely this habit can make your destiny beautiful!!!

Kahekashan Firdous (VIII F)
(Malakpet Girls block)

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