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MS Creative Kids Graduation Ceremony 2024

MSians from all 14 branches participated enthusiastically

Tiny tots vibrant activities and stage performances earned praises

MS Education Academy hosted a three-day festivity from April 18th to 20th, 2024, at the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan Auditorium, King Kothi, Hyderabad, honoring the students of MS Creative Kids who successfully completed their pre-primary education at MS Creative Kids Schools.

Throughout all three days, students from MS Creative Kids delighted the audience with a vibrant array of performances. Kicking off the event on April 18th, students from the Mallepally, Rajendarnagar, Toli Chowki, and Sitaphal Mandi branches of MS Creative Kids Schools showcased their talents through a variety of engaging activities.

On April 19th, students from MS Creative Kids branches in Humayun Nagar, Musheerabad, Murad Nagar, Akbar Bagh, and Sun City took part in the festivities. Then, on the third and final day, 20th April, MS Creative Kids students from the Charminar, Shastripuram, Madanapet, and Midhani branches participated.

At the Graduation Ceremony, the little ones beautifully depicted the diverse cultures of all states across the nation. Dressed in traditional attire representing each state, the young children endeavored to showcase the rich heritage of all the states. This annual event not only celebrates their academic achievements but also offers a platform for students to exhibit their skills and talents through various programs.

During the event, Mohammed Lateef Khan, Founder & Chairman of MS Education Academy, delivered a speech to the parents, highlighting the importance of religious, social, and moral development, as well as addressing behavioral challenges faced by children. He urged parents to regulate their children’s usage of digital devices and emphasized the significance of maintaining strong connections with their children even while using electronic gadgets.

In his speech, he emphasized the importance of nurturing children’s self-esteem, urging parents not to hinder their exploration but rather to engage attentively with them, fostering an understanding of their needs and aspirations. He stressed the significance of comprehending each child’s unique personality, including any underlying fears, anxieties, or insecurities. Encouraging the cultivation of self-confidence in children, he advised parents to prioritize empowering them to believe in their own capabilities. Furthermore, he cautioned against exposing children to videos that could have detrimental effects on their attention and behavior. Mohammed Lateef Khan also advised the parents present at the event to provide religious environment to the children as it plays an important role in the social and spiritual development of the children.

In conclusion, he underscored MS Education Academy’s dedication to the holistic growth and ongoing support of every student. He announced the implementation of a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum this year, aimed at fostering an environment conducive to student achievement. Social-emotional learning is a vital facet of education, emphasizing the development of students’ social, moral, and academic skills. Additionally, it equips students with the tools to cultivate healthy relationships with their families and communities.

At this ceremony, the young students of MS Creative Kids showcased stage performances on engaging themes such as patriotism, reverence for parents and elders, and respect for teachers. Both students and their parents attended the event, where the young performers delivered impressive performances’ earning praise from parents, teachers and other attendees. Students from all 14 branches of MS Creative Kids were participated.

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