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MS Empowers Visually Impaired Students with Braille Deeniyat Course

Developed a series of Braille books called “Asaan Deeniyat.”

A felicitation event was organized for students who successfully finished Part 1 course

In a remarkable initiative aimed at empowering visually impaired Muslim students, MS Education Academy has launched a pioneering project to provide comprehensive Islamic education in Braille format.

Since 2014, MS Education Academy has been dedicatedly assisting visually impaired students, initially by distributing Braille versions of the Quran. Recognizing the growing need for Islamic literature in Braille, the academy embarked on a mission to develop a tailored curriculum accessible to visually impaired students.

Over the years, MS Education Academy has meticulously developed Islamic literature in Braille, tailored to the spoken Urdu language prevalent among Muslims in Telangana. A team of experts was assembled to compile a comprehensive Deeniyat course specifically designed for the visually impaired. This initiative has resulted in the development of a series of Braille books titled “Asaan Deeniyat”

The first instalment of this groundbreaking endeavour, “Asaan Deeniyat Part 1,” has been successfully implemented with the organization of offline classes in the Old city of Hyderabad in 2019. To further extend their reach and cater to students beyond Hyderabad, MS Education Academy initiated an online course titled ‘Deeniyat Visually Impaired Maktab.’ This online platform provides flexibility for students residing outside of Hyderabad or those preferring to learn from the comfort of their homes.

The impact of this initiative has been profound, with 250 visually impaired students having already enrolled in the course and demonstrated remarkable progress in grasping the material. Remarkably, students have been able to complete Part 1 of the course in just six months, underscoring the efficacy of the Braille curriculum developed by MS Education Academy.

In recognition of their achievements, MS Education Academy organized a special event at its Corporate Office to celebrate the completion of Part 1 of the course. Certificates of completion were awarded to the students, marking a significant milestone in their educational journey. Additionally, students were provided with copies of “Asaan Deeniyat Part 2” alongside Braille copies of the Quran which further enriching their educational resources.

MS Education Academy’s commitment to inclusive education and empowerment continues to inspire, serving as a beacon of hope for visually impaired Muslim students seeking access to quality Islamic education. Through their innovative approach, MS Education Academy is not only breaking barriers but also fostering a more inclusive and equitable society for all.

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