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MS Hits Century on the Eve of 30th Year

With Three New Branches the Figure Touches 102

MS New Branch Inauguration
Hyderabad: MS hits a century on the eve of its 30th year when it set up three new branches in August 2021, With these three new additions, now the number of MS branches has reached 102 spread in 18 cities and 6 states. The higher echelon of MS management comprising Chairman Mohammed Lateef Khan, Managing Director Anwar Ahmed and Senior Director Mohammed Moazzam Hussain inaugurated these three new branches on August 12, 2021 at 1) Sun city 2) Errakunta and 3) Aramghar

“Alhamdullilah! we are able to fulfill our commitment which we made 15 years ago”, said the Chairman while inaugurating these new branches on the eve of 30th year of MS Foundation day. “It was our commitment which we made to the people 15 years ago to set up 100 branches by 2021”, said the Chairman.

MS New Branch Inauguration
It is to be worth mentioning here that in 2006, while celebrating its 15th year, the management had issued a press note that it will set up 100 branches by 2021. It was an uphill task for the management as the MS had only 40 branches at that time. But with consistency, meticulous and focused to the target approach coupled with supplication, the management are able to achieve this target. Now MS stands with 102 branches spread in 16 cities and 6 states.

By inaugurating three new branches on the eve of 30th year of MS Foundation day this year, the management fulfilled its promise which it had made to people 15 years backs.

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