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MS introduces safety measures at schools in the wake of COVID-19

Hyderabad: Seeing the gravity of COVID-19, MS Creative Schools have taken extra precautionary measures at all its premises and issued guidelines to use a face mask and hand sanitizers to protect the children from any infection.

An awareness drive to sensitize students about the epidemic was also conducted at each school premises on Friday (6th March 2020).

The management also provide a large quality of hand sanitizers at all its branches and instructed the students to strictly use hand sanitizers before and after meals as well as after using the washroom. The students and supporting staff were also asked to use face mask to protect oneself from virus attack.

Management took this initiative in the wake of the reported case of Corona virus in the city. Apart from this measure, a two- page instruction guide is also issued to all parents to ensure their children’s safety and basic hygiene at home.

Guideline Booklet:

The booklet has elaborately explained the precautionary measures so that parents can take preventive measure at home as well.

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