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MS is a Mini world of education: Remarked IGNOU RC Officers

Hyderabad: A delegation of IGNOU Regional Centre (Hyderabad) visited MS Corporate Office on 15th March 2018 and had an interaction with the teachers. The delegation comprised of Dr. S. Fiayaz Ahmed (Regional Director) and Dr. K. Ramesh (Deputy Regional Director). After meeting with the board of directors and seeing the infrastructure, the IGNOU officers appreciated the work of MS by saying “This place is a mini world of education” and this thing shows that “MS will flourish far and wide.

Dr. K. Ramesh (Deputy Regional Director) while interacting with the principals said it is very challenging to teach the students of 21st century because today’s students are tech savvy, hooked to Instagram. Even the Facebook is outdated for them. This generation is much faster than us.

Suggesting tips to teach the present day generation, he said, “You must be well versed with the latest technology. Only then you can deal with the students of this era. Moreover you need to be a learner first and you also have to act as a co-learner in the class room. He cautioned the teachers to shed their mindset “A teacher, with the old mindset, cannot survive in the 21st century. He/ she has to change their mind set.” Only then you will be successful in your class.

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