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Managing Director Anwar Ahmed and Junior Director Ilyas Khan welcome them at Airport

Returning staff felt overwhelmed by a profound sense of peace and tranquillity

The MS staff returned home after performing Umrah, a spiritual pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah. They were welcomed at the airport by the Managing Director Anwar Ahmed, and Junior Director Ilyas Khan.

The group of the MS Education Academy staff returned safely to Hyderabad. The group was left Hyderabad on 27th November 2023 on a fifteen-day trip to Saudi Arabia for Umrah under the leadership of Senior Director Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain.

The journey was full of blessings and spiritual enlightenment. The group visited all the significant locations in Makkah and Madinah and offered their prayers with utmost devotion. The entire group was overwhelmed with the experience and felt a sense of peace and serenity.

Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain, the Senior Director of MS Education Academy, was particularly pleased with the way the trip went. He felt that the journey had brought the staff members closer together and had strengthened their bond as a team.

Upon their arrival in Hyderabad, the group was greeted with much excitement and joy by the MS Management. They shared their experiences and memories of the trip and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to perform Umrah. The group had an amazing time visiting the holy sites and performing the Umrah pilgrimage.

Maulana Mohammed Abdul Rahim Ba-Naeem, a respected scholar, accompanied the group on their spiritual journey. Upon arriving in Madinah, they were heartily welcomed by MS Chairman Mohammed Lateef Khan and Junior Director Mohammed Owais Khan.

The MS Education Academy had promised to send selected teachers and their spouses/ Mehram for Umrah as a token of appreciation on Teachers’ Day. As last year, this year too, they fulfilled their promise by sponsoring 25 teachers and their Mehrams, totaling 50 individuals, for the trip.

The teachers were overjoyed and grateful for this opportunity to perform Umrah with their loved ones. Many of them had never been to Saudi Arabia before and were amazed by the beauty of the holy sites. They prayed for their students, colleagues, and the MS management during their pilgrimage.

Overall, the MS staff felt blessed and the MS Education Academy management felt proud to have fulfilled its promise.

Managing Director Anwar Ahmad stated, “Alhamdulillah, MS fulfilled the promise made to its staff for the second year in a row. If Allah wills, sending MS staff to Umrah will continue next year as well.” The commitment of MS to promoting the well-being of its staff was evident in this gesture, and it had a positive impact on the morale and motivation of the entire team.

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