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MS Teachers Arrive Home after Umrah

Chairman Mohammed Lateef Khan greet them at Airport

After performing Umrah, 25 teachers of MS Education Academy come back to Hyderabad safely, this caravan had left from Hyderabad to Jeddah on 27th November for Umrah with their Mehrams, they returned from a fifteen-day trip. MS Education Academy Chairman Mohammed Lateef Khan, Managing Director Anwar Ahmed and Senior Director Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain welcomed the teachers at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.

On their return from the Umrah trip, the teachers expressed their gratitude and happiness, a teacher Sabihuddin said that this trip was very satisfying for them. He performed Umrah with his wife. Another young teacher Sohail Ahmad said that Allah (SWT) made MS a means for our presence at His House (Kabah). This trip changed our lives, we came back with a big change in our hearts.

Similarly, Shahida Sultana, one of the most senior teachers of MS, said that she first thanked Allah (SWT) and then MS management. She said that there were good arrangements during the trip. She performed 5 Umrah on this trip and prayed for MS students.

Another senior teacher, Asma Sultana expressed her feelings and said that she prayed for all the students of MS and the entire Ummah, when she saw at the Kabah her condition was indescribable, at that time her tears were rolling from the eyes.

Speaking on this occasion, Mohammed Lateef Khan said that this is a day of joy and happiness for MS, Alhamdulillah MS has fulfilled the promise made to the teachers. If Allah (SWT) continues his blessing on us, the process of sending teachers to Umrah will continue for the next two years as well. This move to send teachers to Umrah is part of the effort to give them their deserving place in society.

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