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MS Education Academy Teachers in Dubai


Arrangements are made for the Dubai Trip as a Token of Gratitude for their Services

MS has fulfilled its promise as announced on Teachers’ Day

A six members caravan of teachers from MS Education Academy has reached Dubai from Hyderabad. MS Education Academy acknowledges its teachers as the ‘Nation Builders’ and believes that their dedication and skills are vital to the success of the institution. To honor their services, on the occasion of 2022 Teachers’ Day, the MS Education Academy conducted a lucky draw, selecting 25 teachers to be traveled with their companions for an international trip. Among them, 22 Muslim teachers were chosen for Umrah, while 3 non-Muslim teachers were selected for Dubai. The academy had announced to bear all expenses related to the trip, including travel, accommodation, and associated costs.

Mr. Kasturi Padma, Mr. S. Bala Raju, and Mr. Jai Dev Singh, fortunate teachers associated with MS Education Academy, received the delightful news of their selection for the Dubai trip during this academic year’s Teachers’ Day celebration.

After successfully arranging an Umrah trip for 22 Muslim teachers and their companions altogether for 44 members last November, it is now time for the selected teachers of MS Education Academy to experience Dubai. Therefore, the academy organized all arrangements for the 6-day trip to Dubai for the three chosen teachers and their family members.

MS Creative School Teachers before embarking on Dubai Trip

Before their departure for Dubai, all six members were invited to the corporate office of MS Education, where their travel documents were handed over. On this occasion, Dr. Mohammad Moazzam Hussain, Senior Director of MS Education Academy, extended his congratulations to the teachers and emphasized that the academy’s decision to arrange external trips, be it Umrah or Dubai, is a testament to their dedication and invaluable services. He mentioned that the tradition of rewarding teachers with international travel on Teachers’ Day will continue in the coming years.

Mr. Jai Dev Singh, Head of the Hindi Department at MS Education Academy, accompanied by his wife, expressed his happiness upon being selected for the Dubai trip and thanked the Chairman of MS Education Academy, Mr. Mohammed Lateef Khan, Managing Director Mr. Anwar Ahmed, Senior Director Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain, and other members of the management.

Mrs. Kasturi Padma, a Telugu teacher at MS Education Creative School, embarked on the Dubai trip with her husband. She expressed her joy on being chosen for this journey and extended her gratitude to the Senior Management of MS Education Academy.

Mr. S. Bala Raju, a Physical Education teacher at MS Creative School, accompanied his mother on the Dubai trip. Bala Raju has been working with MS Creative School for Seven years, he expressed his gratitude for the Dubai trip opportunity.

Upon their arrival in Dubai from Hyderabad by air, the MS Education teachers were accommodated at a four-star hotel where arrangements have been made for their stay and boarding. Currently, the teachers are enjoying their journey to Dubai, exploring famous landmarks such as the Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Beach, and the Future Museum, with plans to visit more attractions in the coming days.

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