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MS vows to achieve 100 percent literacy by 2036

Hyderabad: To achieve 100 percent literacy and make the society literate by 2036, the Chairman Mohammed Abdul Lateef Khan has introduced the concept of “EACH ONE, TEACH ONE”. This initiative was launched under the LEARN-FOR-INDIA campaign.

Assuming its responsibility towards the society and the country, MS has vowed to remove the illiteracy from the society by 2036. Explaining the concept, the Chairman said, “To remove the illiteracy from the society, we have started the concept of Each One, Teach One”. Under this programme if one person will teach one illiterate person in one year then we can easily make one billion people literate in 20 years.

He further said, “under the Millat Vision plan 2036, we have started work on three projects: 1) Literacy
2) Skills and 3) Image Development. With these projects we plan to make the Muslims of India a proud citizen of India. They will become asset to the nation through their contribution in the development of the country.”

This concept has been started under the banner of MFERD and it was approved in Bangalore Annual Millat Conference 2016.

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