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MS Junior College State 1st Ranker in Intermediate exam 2024

MSians Attain State 1st Mark in Intermediate Exam 2024

MSian Juwaririah Noor score 993/1000 in BiPC stream

MSian Hafiz Affaaf Ahmed score 993/1000 in MPC stream

Six MSians scored 990+ Marks in the Intermediate 2nd Year under MPC & BiPC stream

Once more, the students of MS Junior College have showcased their remarkable skills, achieving outstanding success in the intermediate examinations. Leading the Telangana State 1st Mark in Intermediate BiPC, MSian Juwairiah Noor (HT no: 2460210018) has achieved an impressive score of 993 out of 1000 marks.

Hafiz Affaaf Ahmed (HT no: 2460209748) achieved an exceptional score of 993 out of 1000 in MPC Intermediate +2, securing the position of state second mark in the MPC group. Affaaf Ahmed holds the esteemed title of Hafiz-e-Quran. Six students of MS Junior College have earned the honour of scoring above 990 in Intermediate this year, with 3 students belonging to the MPC group and 3 to the BiPC group.

Marks/1000 Student Name Stream Hall Ticket No.
993  Juwairiah Noor BiPC 2460210018
993 Affaf Ahmed MPC 2460209748

3 students from MS Junior College have surpassed the 990 marks in the MPC group, while 15 students have cleared the Intermediate examination with scores exceeding 980. Altogether, 29 MPC students have achieved scores surpassing 970, and an impressive 149 students have attained scores exceeding 900.

Four MSians scored 990/1000 Marks in Intermediate 2nd Year:

Marks/1000 Student Name Stream Hall Ticket No.
990  Zoya Siddiqui BiPC 2461227447
990 Mehwish Mehreen BiPC 2461224041
990  Shaik Mohammed Shadab MPC 2460215778
990 Syeda Umaima Fatima MPC 2461223942

In the Intermediate First Year results, three BiPC students excelled with a outstanding score of 438 out of 440.

Marks/440 Student Name Stream Hall Ticket No.
438 Ayesha Fatima BiPC 2460117974
438 Syeda Butul Unnisa Samia BiPC 2460118653
438 Azreen Fathima BiPC 2460112851

In the Intermediate First Year results, four MPC students stood out, achieving an outstanding score of 467 out of 470;

Marks/470 Student Name Stream Hall Ticket No.
467 Zohra Jabeen BiPC 2460114870
467 Ishrat Siddiqui BiPC 2460115990
467 Amtul Mujeeb BiPC 2461128527
467 Zubia Mahnaaz BiPC 2461124449

Moreover, eight students achieved 466 marks, and 16 students scored 465. Overall, 39 students surpassed the 460 mark. Similarly, in the BPC group, three first-year students made history with an impressive score of 438 out of 440. Additionally, 57 students secured a commendable 435 out of 440, while 137 students exceeded the 430 marks.

MS Junior College Intermediate Toppers Felicitation

Following the release of the Intermediate exam results, a felicitation ceremony was held for the toppers at the MS Corporate Office. The Founder & Chairman of the MS Education Academy, Mohammad Lateef Khan, Managing Director Anwar Ahmed, and other esteemed members of the management team were present at this event. The MS Education Academy has declared a cash prize of ₹One lakh for each MS Junior College student who achieves a score exceeding 990 marks in the Intermediate Board Exam.

On this momentous occasion, Mohammad Lateef Khan extended his heartfelt congratulations to the top achievers of MS Junior College and their parents. He emphasized that their success not only fills the community with pride but also resonates across the state and the nation.

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