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MSians communicate “Islamic Business Etiquettes” through AKHLAAQ SHOW

Hyderabad: The four day Grand Annual Function of MS Creative Schools entitled “AKHLAAQ SHOW” was held at Lalitakala Toranum (Open Air Theatre) Public Garden from 17th February to 20th February 2018. During these four days, the students of various branches of MS Creative Schools of Hyderabad showcased their best of Akhlaaq (etiquettes and moral values) through various stage performances. They also displayed the themes of the show through dozens of stalls. All the decorated stalls showcased creativity. All these stalls were well planned, designed and decorated by the students themselves under the guidance of their teachers.

This year the theme of the Akhlaaq Show was “Business Etiquettes in Islam”. The theme is more relevant in the context of current economic scenario which has lost ethics and values from its practices. The students tried to convey the message by portraying the correct concept of trade and commerce. Donning armed forces uniforms, the students of selected branches presented Guard of Honour to the Chief Guest and other guests. A skit was also presented on the functioning of Indian Army in which the prowess and the bravery of the Indian Army was depicted. On the final day, the students of Malakpet branch, comprising a contingent of Army, Navy and Air force, presented a professional style of March past.

It is the worth mentioning here that AKHLAAQ SHOW” is a part of the MS curriculum. It is a theme based programme through which the students not only learn the subject but also communicate the message to the society at large. This programme is organised annually in a grand way to inculcate good etiquette and ethical values among our students. The theme of the “AKHLAAQ SHOW” changes every year. Programmes on 1) Akhlaaq Towards Parents, 2) Akhlaaq Towards Neighbours, 3) Akhlaaq Towards Non- Muslims, 4) Akhlaaq Towards Elders, 5) Akhlaaq Towards Women 6) Akhlaaq Towards Teachers 7) Akhlaaq Towards Animals, etc. have been organized in the past years. The students were given prizes, mementos and certificates for their achievements in regularity, etiquettes and manners, academics etc. The students who scored 10/10 GPA in SSC examination were given the GRK Award. The National Anthem was sung at the end of the programme as a mark of respect to our motherland.

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