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MSians Illuminate with Outstanding Performance in JEE-MAINS 2024 Exam

MSian Ayaan Ahmed Achieved Highest 99.290 Percentile

Three Students scored Above 98 and 21 Scored above 90 Percentile

MS Education Academy students have excelled in JEE Main 2023-24 exam. Twenty-one students of the MS Education Academy have scored above 90 percentile in this national competitive exam, and three of these students have achieved an exceptional score of 98 percentile and above.

MSian Ayaan Ahmed securing an exceptional percentile of 99.290, while Muhammed Zaphan scored 98.727 percentile, and Mohammad Fazal Ur Rehman scored 98.714. MS exemplifies the Academy’s dedication to offering contemporary education to the students within an ethical framework.

The toppers of the JEE-Main 2023-24 are as follows:

No. Student  Name  Application ID Percentile Achieved
1. Ayaan Ahmed 240310304930  99.290
2. Muhammed Zaphan 240310496916 98.727
3. Mohammed Fazal Ur Rahman 240310022406 98.714
4. Mohammed Talha Aftab 240310106915 97.697
5. Muvahhid Muneer 240310022120 97.438
6. Afnan Ahmed  240310086274  97.174
7. Syed Shaz Ahmed  240310629189  96.938
8. Mohammed Nihal P   240310193559 96.412
9. Adil Ahmad Azad  240310073121  95.857
10. Umair Javed Syed   240310677027 95.345
11. Mohammed Rehanuddin  240310079028  95.016
12. Sheikh Md Ihtisham Ul Haq  240310078571  94.947
13. Shaik Mohammad Shadab  240310330741  94.360
14. Syed Anas Ahmed   240310438118 94.221
15. Afiya Fatima  240310020283  93.699
16. Shaik Ibrahim  240310450371  93.160
17. Mohammed Safiullah Anas  240310625901  92.740
18. Bilal Mohammed Khan   240310863897 92.582
19. Mohammed Shahid   240310081236 92.273
20. Omer Abdul Majid  240310310934  92.096
21. Mohd Ayaan Mohiuddin   240310424432 91.740

On this outstanding achievement, Mohammed Lateef Khan, the Founder and Chairman of MS Education Academy, credited this notable accomplishment to the diligent efforts of the students, the exceptional faculty members, and the collaborative support of the parents. He extended his congratulations to all involved.

He emphasized the initiatives undertaken by MS for its students, stating that the institution’s staff provides them with essential problem-solving skills and structured study routines to excel in JEE Main. He further mentioned that MS ensures efficient utilization of study time and thorough coverage of key topics.

Beyond the instructional approach of MS Education Academy, students are consistently motivated to participate in examinations such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced, and NEET, fostering a strong groundwork for their preparation. Thus, MS students are progressing towards success in competitive exams, with the remarkable achievements of one student after another serving as inspiration for future aspirants.

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