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MSians Outshine in JEE MAINS 2024

Mohammed Fazal Ur Rahman secured outstanding 99.71 percentile

Mohammed Adnan Alam secure All India Rank 91* (*urc)

Afnan Ahmad secured in 98.88 percentile in B.Architecture and 97.20 percentile in B.Planning

Mohammed Zaphan secured 100 percentile in Chemistry

The students from MS Junior College have showcased their academic prowess by excelling in the esteemed Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains 2024. Among the approximately 14 lakhs students who participated in both sessions of the Mains examination conducted by NTA, 28 students from MS have successfully qualified for the IIT Mains Exam. This achievement marks a notable milestone in the institution’s academic voyage.

Mohammed Fazal Ur Rahman leads this cohort of achievers, whose outstanding performance secured him an impressive 99.71 percentile, earning him the prestigious All India Rank of 4763. Additionally, Ayaan Ahmed distinguished himself with a notable score of 99.28 percentile, further enhancing the institution’s reputation for nurturing exceptional talent. Both the students being Hafiz-e-Quran, their success inspires aspiring students, showcasing the institution’s dedication to inclusive excellence.

Among the qualified candidates, 2 students have scored above the 99 percentile, 9 students have scored above the 97 percentile, 20 students have excelled in the open category by scoring above the minimum cut-off of 93.2 percentile whereas 8 students have achieved success under various reserved categories, surpassing the minimum cut-off for appearing in the JEE Advanced Exam 2024.

Afnan Ahmad’s remarkable achievements in IIT-JEE B.Architecture with a percentile of 98.88 and in IIT-JEE B.Planning with a percentile of 97.20 exhibits the institution’s holistic approach to academic excellence.

Mohammed Adnan Alam deserves special recognition for his outstanding performance, securing the top rank in reserved category and achieving an impressive All India Rank of 91* (*urc).

Mohammed Zaphan’s achievement of a flawless 100 percentile in Chemistry underscores MS dedication to nurturing subject expertise among its students.

Commenting on this outstanding achievement, Mohammed Lateef Khan, Founder & Chairman of MS Education Academy, expressed immense pride, stating, “We are immensely proud of our students’ exceptional performance in the JEE Mains 2024. Their dedication, hard work and perseverance have yielded remarkable results, further solidifying our institution’s reputation for academic excellence. So far, 151 of our students have been selected in prestigious IITs, NITs & IIITs. We congratulate all the qualified candidates and commend them for their outstanding achievements. We also extend our best wishes to them for their success in the JEE Advanced Examination.”

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