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Patriotism through the eyes of MSians


I live in a country
Which worked hard to become free
I live with people who are very truthful
There are many religions
With all their good intentions
Even though we have diversity
We all live with unity
It is in evolution with its huge population
It is becoming much greener
As we are making it more cleaner
Because of its constitution
It has its own reputation
I am proud to be part of it
Because of its enormous wit
India is a country of devotion
Cause it always gives motivation
I am proud to be an Indian
My love for it
Goes beyond the sky’s limit
Maimoona Nazneen (Class IX C, Inspirers, Malakpet Girls)


Beautiful as flowers, glorious as moon.
India is the God’s magnificent boon
The twinkling stars glorify my Nation
Like the scintillating rivers, there flow a love and respect in the hearts of every Indian
We are a nation of moral values,
We hate hatred and spread love.
Just like a lovely swimming dove.
Education, innovation and revolution is my country’s specialty
Love, hospitality, kindness, secularism is India’s identity.
We are a Nation of 1.2 billion setting an example of unity in diversity for trillions.
We have many religions, castes, cultures and tradition,
Despite that we are incredibly secular and one
One message that we want to give.
Love, compassion, kindness, helpfulness has lots of rewards to reap!!
Syed Mohd Azhar Shaheen (IX-A)


As expressed by a soldier
If I die in a war zone,
Box me up and send me home.
Put all my medals on my chest,
Tell my mom I did my best.
Tell my father not to bow,
I am not a problem from him now.
Tell my brother to study perfectly,
Keys of my bike will be his permanently.
Tell my sister not to be upset,
His brother is not going to rise after this sunset.
Tell my family not to CRY.
I am a soldier born to DIE.
Md. Shahanawaaz Khan (X – A) Malakpet Boys, (Challengers)


We love our country,
We love our nation,
To make our national flag
high in the sky.
So that every Indians should salute,
and feel proud to be Indians.
Remember the sacrifice of fighters to make our Indians free
let us come together for every celebration.
As we love our country as we love our nation.
Najaf, VIII – G

Promise to our country

Let us promise together
whatever caste or religion,
we’ll live here in unison
our flag is saffron,
white and green,
Our heart are brave and clean.
Let us promise together
to bring happiness to each face, Educate the entire human race.
Never lose your hope, and have a hold of freedom’s rope.
Let us promise together
To think only the best, to work only for best,
And to expect only the people
To wear a cheerful smile at all time,
And give every living creature a smile.
Let’s make our country best, whether it’s east or west.
Sania Sahel, IX G.


I salute my flag,
It makes me proud
I am an Indian,
it makes me proud.
The emblem is the heart
of every Indian,
The tiger’s roar says that I
am an Indian
it makes me proud.
When my love towards
nation saturated
I feel my work doing integrated
whenever I feel patriotism
I do my work with more enthusiasm
Khaja Shihaab Uddin Siddiqui (VI – B) (Malakpet boys block)

My Motherland “I N D I A”

Our’s is a land of sages,
Known for bravery for ages.
None can compete with it,
It’s culture none can beat.
Whatever caste or religion,
All live here in unison.
With rivers, sweet fountains,
It’s a land of high mountains.
It’s green forests are pretty,
And are source of prosperity.
Let’s for it work hard.
For its safety, be on guard!
Maimuna Safi, (VII – C)


I love my flag my country’s flag,
the saffron, white and green
Although my hands are
very small
but I known these colours
are something grand
I made this flag to fly high
the saffron white and green
Jay Hind, Jay Bharat
Zuha Fatima (VI – E)

Patriotic poem

Carried with care coated
with pride,
dipped in love, fly in glory,
moments of freedom
in shape of joy.
I am proud to be an Indian
None can with it compete
its culture none can beat,
this sweet country is a place to forget your purgatory,
I am proud to be an Indian.
Hajera Fatima, VII – G.

Beauty of my nation

Every day, Every night,
My nation glows bright.
Flowing water hisses into rivers and oceans, flying birds
chirp the beauty of my nation.
There is a strong unity despite diversity,
people are grudge of our progress and prosperity.
Many religions, castes, culture and traditions,
despite that people have lots of
love and veneration.
Peace, progress and prosperity
is our slogan, the one who
incites hatred and division
is hooligan.
The strong love and bond of Indians cannot be shrink
or shaken,
Because we are with each
other in our bad times and
in the celebrations.
Md Sadiq Ali (IX – A) (Leaders Group)

I love my India

I love my India, I love my India
We are Indians bold and free,
We love tri-colour, saffron,
white and green.
We will guide our lovely country.
Let us educate the human race,
Let us fill every heart with encouragement,
And fill every heart with love!
I am proud to be an Indian!
Syeda Rabia Banu, VI-C Malakpet Girls

I Love My Nation

With developed culture
And beautiful sculpture
The people take no rest
To do their work best
I love my nation
With number of hill stations
Which are God’s creations
It give us protection
And save us from tension
I love my nation
With Himalayas in the North
Indian Ocean in the South
Arabian Sea in the West
Bay of Bengal in the East
I love my nation.
Zainab Fabhe (VI – C)

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