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Self-Management is a key skill

PRINCIPAL Mamaeen Siddiqui throws light on various aspects of self-management and its importance in one’s life.

Self-Management is a key skill that helps us throughout our life. It gives us a lesson that if we do not manage our self, then we are letting others have control of our life.

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Effective self-management skills have the power to change almost every aspect of our life. Some of these skills are:

Self-Regulation: Self-regulation refers to individuals monitoring, controlling and directing aspects of their learning for themselves.

Self-Confidence: To be self-confident means to like and to respect ourselves and to believe in our own abilities and strengths.

Time Management: Time management is the process of planning and exercising control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, to increase effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Stress Management: We have to learn to cope with problems because stress reduces productivity and increases pressures. It also has adverse effects on the performance of the brain, memory, and concentration.

Solving Problems: This means we are able and willing to take a complex issue or project and break it down so that a solution can be found.

Self-Motivation: Self-motivation is one of the most powerful forces that drive us to do things and to achieve success in professional and personal life.

Some of these skills are, however, difficult to learn but they are very important to learn. These skills help us in business, in the workplace, and in our personal life.

Mamaeen Siddiqui (Principal)
MS Creative School
Yamuna Vihar, Delhi

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