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Sports Day & Food Festival at MS Junior Colleges

MS announces to open ‘Sports Academy’ to develop sports skills among students

MS Education Academy has arranged annual competitions for the students of MS Junior Colleges at three playgrounds in the city of Hyderabad. On this occasion, a one-day sports competition and a food festival were organized for the students.

All the students of MS Junior Colleges in Hyderabad city participated in these competitions. Football, Cricket and Tug-of-War competitions for boys were organized at Red Hills Playground Nampally, Devdhi Khurshid Jah Ground and Ujale Shah Sports Ground at Saidabad.

Managing Director Anwar Ahmed at Red Hills Playground, Senior Director Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain at Devdhi Khurshid Jah Ground and Director Mohammed Ghous at Ujale Shah Sports Ground inaugurated the sports competitions.

On this occasion, Managing Director Anwar Ahmed announced that MS will establish a Sports Academy to inculcate the passion and spirit for sports in MSians along with education, the students will be encouraged and trained to participate in National and International level competitions.

Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain said that recently, Ansaruddin a student of MS Junior College, won two gold medals in kickboxing competitions at the national level, which shows the caliber of our students.

For the girls, a Food festival was organized in their respective campuses. The girls were asked to prepare varieties of dishes and sell within campuses to their classmates and faculty, they got an opportunity to present their food at the stalls established in the premises. Their classmates and faculty bought the delicious dishes and enjoy this event.

On this event, students said that through this Food Festival they got an opportunity to understand the nitty gritty of business management. Vice-Chairperson of MS Education Academy Nuzhat Khan inspire the girls participated in the event while assessing the food fests organized at MS Junior Colleges.

Annual Sports Day Highlights:

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