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Strategies to bring discipline in the class room


To prevent misbehavior in the classroom, the teacher has to provide a stimulating environment that involves students so successfully that they spend little time thinking of misbehaving. The following methods can be applied to prevent misbehaviour in the class room.

  • Make your lesson as worthwhile and enjoyable as possible. Remember that students crave fun, belonging, freedom, power, and dignity.
  • Be pleasant and helpful.
  • Involve and empower your students by asking them for input and help.
  • Reach clear understandings with your students about appropriate class conduct.
  • Discuss and practice behaviors to which you have jointly agreed.
  • Continually emphasize good manners, self respect, and respect for others and be a role model.


All students may become restive and subject to temptation at times. When signs of incipient misbehavior appear, bring supportive discipline into play. This will assist students with self-control by helping them get back on task. The following tactics are suggested for supportive discipline.

  • Use signals directed to a student needing support.
  • Learn to catch students’ eyes and use head shakes, frowns, and hand signals.
  • Use physical proximity when signals are ineffective.
  • Show interest in student work. Ask cheerful questions or make favorable comments.
  • Sometimes provide a light challenge: “Can you complete five more before we stop?”
  • Restructure difficult work by changing the activity or providing help.
  • Give hints, clues, or suggestions to help students progress.
  • Inject humor into lessons that have become tiring.
  • Remove distractive objects such as toys, comics, notes, and the like. Return them later.

S. Sreelatha
Psychologist (LEARN)

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