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Tips to Make Learning Enjoyable

Do you know the meaning of kindergarten? It is the German word for children’s garden. The idea is that young students while at school feel as if they are playing in garden. Children naturally enjoy playing. Education will be the most effective if children can be made to enjoy the learning process.

It is not a very difficult task. Applying a few simple techniques can make learning enjoyable. How do we do that? First of all the teacher should be affectionate and smiling, words of appreciation should be given to the students. We hear parents saying “Good job”! whenever a child takes a few steps or learns a new thing. Now we teachers must do the same at school.

If we succeed in this, our MSians will happily get into the school and spend the day with laughter and cheer. The strength of the school will grow year by year. Teachers should give a serious thought as to how to involve and enthuse the students .

Today’s MSians will be tomorrow’s global citizens. We must bear this in mind when we enter in school premises to teach our students.

Mrs. Rubeena Shafi
Teacher, Midhani Branch

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