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Good work leads to good life

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Work is a part of life. It decides the style of living. Work also affects our professional and personal life. Good work leads to good life, poor work leads to poor life and no work leads to no life (The real sense of self respect). If we love our work then we can enjoy every moment of work and this effects the family life also. It gives self-satisfaction, experience and makes us an expert in that particular work.

Work is also important to become wealthy and healthy.If we work honestly it brings happiness in both the worlds (Deen and Duniya) and our health will be in good condition. It is rightly said by one saint, “Khidmat se khuda mile aur Ibaadat se Jannat.”

It means we need to think work as the Divine grace then it is giving us strength to work according to Almighty’s will. We should feel happy to serve Him by all means of work.

We should not underestimate any work i.e; we must respect every work and worker. Even the scriptures also said. “Do your work and do not think about the fruits because God has taken an oath to give your fruits.” In other words, work also makes our own destiny. Therefore, I believe heart work is healthy and wealthy work.

G Mahender (Computer Lecturer)
MS Degree College, Asif Nagar

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