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MS Creative School SSC Toppers Felicitation 2024

Historic Achievement: 33 MSians Score Perfect 10/10 in SSC Exam

MS students achieve impressive 97% success ratio in the SSC

MS announces scholarship worth 25,000 for each 10/10 achiever

Hyderabad, April 30th – In a landmark achievement, 33 students from MS Creative School have scored 10/10 CGPA in the SSC exams. This momentous feat underscores the unwavering commitment to excellence that defines MS educational institutions.

The success story of MS institutions reached new heights with this remarkable accomplishment, highlighting their relentless pursuit of academic excellence. The achievement is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the students, as well as the exceptional standards maintained by MS in nurturing talent and fostering academic growth.

MS Creative School SSC Topper Felicitation

The significance of this achievement is further magnified by the broader success witnessed across MS institutions, with an impressive 97 percent success ratio in the SSC 2024 exams. This remarkable performance solidifies MS’s position as a frontrunner in educational excellence.

MSian Qazi Mohammed Arshad SSC Topper 2024 felicitated

Among the 33 high achievers, special recognition is due to Maheen Tabassum and Qazi Muhammad Arshad Ahmed, who have not only excelled academically but have also attained the prestigious status of Hafiz-e-Quran.

Number of students score 9.0 & Above:

cGPA No. of Students
10/10 33
9.8 & Above 71
9.7 & Above 110
9.5 & Above 151
9.3 & Above 207
9.2 & Above 263
9.0 & Above 310

Furthermore, the success extends beyond the perfect scores, with 71 students scoring 9.8 or above, 110 students scoring 9.7 or above, 151 students scoring 9.5 or above, 207 students scoring 9.3 or above, 263 students scoring 9.2 or above, and 310 students scoring 9.0 or above CGPA.

In acknowledgment of the MSians outstanding achievement in the SSC Board Exam, the MS Education Academy Corporate Office, located at Masab Tank, NMDC, has announced a scholarship of 25,000 rupees for each of the 33 students who scored a perfect 10/10 CGPA. This scholarship, named after the late Ghulam Rasool Khan, father of the Founder & Chairman of MS Education Academy Mohammed Lateef Khan, serves as a token of appreciation for their exceptional performance.

Moreover, as part of its commitment to holistic development, MS will send one of the high-achieving students, Zahra Fatima, who scored a perfect 10/10 CGPA for Umrah as the management of MS promised to send the orphan students who score 10/10 in the SSC exam.

MS Creative School SSC Topper Felicitation

On this momentous occasion, Mohammad Lateef Khan, the Founder and Chairman of MS Education Academy extends his heartfelt congratulations to all successful students, their parents, and teachers. He expresses optimism for their bright futures and reaffirms MS’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and holistic development.

The event was attended by senior management of MS Education Academy, including Managing Director Anwar Ahmed, Senior Director Dr. Moazzam Hussain, Vice-Chairperson Nuzhat Sofi Khan, and Junior Directors Mohammad Owais Khan and Mohammad Ilyas Khan, all of whom echoed their pride and support for the remarkable achievements of MS students.

The students who achieve 10/10 cGPA are:

No. Student Name Father’s Name Hall Ticket No.
1.  Abeerah Aghiar Mohammed Sajid Ali 2422127749
2. Amatul Salaam Hafsah Nawab Jaffar Shareef Askander 2422174635
3. Anmol Zareen Muhammed Kaleemuddin 2422149874
4. Areebah Zain Mohammed Abdul Aaqil 2422127332
5.  Ayman Shaik   Azeez Ahamad Shaik 2422174705
6. Faizah Baig Mohammed Wasif Baig  2422127256
7. Hafsa Abbas Abbas Khan  2422173897
8. Iqra Fatima  Mohammed Abdul Ghani  2422173187
9.  Kounen Fathima  Khaja Intiyazuddin  2422127887
10. Liza Husain  Iqrar Husain Abbasi  2422127947
11. Maira Tabassum Mohammed Akbar 2423141122
12. Mariya Afshan  Abdul Musavvir  2422127252
13.  Mariyam Asila Mohammed Kareem Uddin 2422148059
14. Mohammed Rehan Mushraf Mohd Mushraf Hussain Afsar 2422174489
15. Mohammed Saad Faizan Mohammed Lateef Uddin  2422127809
16. Nadiya Fathima Mohammed Abdul Quddus 2423140922
17.  Nooruddin Ahmed  Aliuddin Ahmed  2422127266
18. Qazi Mohammed Arshaan Ahmed Mohammed Moosa Adil Ahmed 2422174717
19. Ramsha Abbasi  Ashfaq Ahmed 2422148358
20. Rimsha Maheen Mohammed Vaseem Rizvan  2422127226
21.  Rumaisa Hadia   Mohammed Ather 2422127885
22. Safaa Amatul Fathir Syed Raafeuddin Ahmed 2422127412
23. Safiya Fatima Mohammed Sajid 2422125993
24. Sofia Yaseen Syed Syed Yaseen 2422174481
25.  Syed Haseeb Bukhari   Syed Yosuf Nehal 2423140277
26. Syeda Midhat Unnisa Begum  Mir Mustafa Ali  2422125649
27. Syeda Tehseen Saleem   Syed Saleem Uddin 2422174529
28. Tasneem Fatima Mohammed Abdul Aziz  2422174801
29.  Umaima Khan   Mohammed Aquil Hussain Khan 2422127418
30. Umm-E-Salma Zoha Md Sami Ullah Shareef 2422127139
31. Zahra Naaz  Mohammed Sajid  2422125603
32. Zaina Fatima   Mohammed Jalal 2422148103
33. Zehra Fatima Khan Late Nusrath Ali Khan 2422127650
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