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Motivating Students Psychologically

Teenage life – We think as a problematic Age or else Deviating age where usually they do not exhibit Clear cut goals.

But, do any one of us know why this is happening and what is the reason behind that???

After critically examining this situation, we find that:

1) Students see little value or interest in the course they study.
2) Students are de-motivated by the way the rewards and may be by the structure (Proceedings)
3) Some students do not perceive the classroom climate as supportive. They find it neither interesting nor creative.
4) Students have other priorities that may compete for their time and attention.
5) Individually, some students may suffer from Physical, health or other personal problems that can affect attention of getting motivated.
6) Some students are deviated by the surroundings and family atmosphere.

The problem with us (the teachers) is that we badly focus on student’s achievement rather than motivation. I strongly believe if the students are motivated, they will naturally achieve.

So, what’s the solution???….

(How we can make them achieve their goals in life…..)
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  • Enable them to build confidence and identify their strength.
  • Encourage them in their interests not on ours.
  • Empower them to utilise their specific strength.
  • Accelerate them by social integration.
  • Focus on their Element of Problem solving.
  • Give them the highest challenge as per their ability so they reach heights.

The life of a student is still maturing but not matured. All the above naturally works to inspire them internally rather than nag them externally.

Balijepalli VS Sri Ramya,
MS Degree College
Tolichowki Branch

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