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Mohammed Lateef Khan Receiving Brainfeed Trailblazer Award at HiTex Hyderabad

MS Creative School Receive Prestigious ‘Brainfeed Trailblazer School Award’ for the Innovation and Sustained Efforts

ET TECH X honored MS Education Academy Chairman Mohammed Lateef Khan at Asia’s Largest B2b Expo on Education and Training Resources & Technology at HiTex Exhibition in Hyderabad

MS Education Academy, a renowned educational institution dedicated to excellence and innovation, proudly announces its receipt of the esteemed “Brainfeed Trailblazer School of the Year 2023-24” award for its MS Creative Schools. This accolade was presented at the ET TECH X 2023, Asia’s largest B2B Expo on Education and Training Resources & Technology, held at the HiTex Exhibition Center in Hyderabad.

ET TECH X is an innovative and forward-looking annual trade fair that debuted in 2019, emphasizing “Education Technology” (ET TECH) as its core focus. Located at the technology and innovation hub of Hyderabad, India, the fair showcases cutting-edge technologies in education and training.

A key highlight of ET TECH X is its conferences and award ceremonies. The conferences provide a platform for networking and knowledge exchange on the latest educational trends, teaching strategies, and methods. The award ceremony honors leading educational institutions across India, recognizing their exceptional contributions to the field.

At the awards ceremony, Mohammed Lateef Khan, Founder, Chairman, and Trustee of MS Education Academy, received the “Brainfeed Trailblazer School of the Year 2023-24” award. During the ceremony, Mr. Khan addressed crucial challenges faced by educational institutions, emphasizing the institution’s commitment to addressing issues such as student discipline and mobile phone addiction.

The accompanying citation acknowledged MS Education Academy’s MS Creative Schools as a trailblazing institution in India, commending its innovation and sustained efforts in incorporating best practices in the teaching-learning process.

MS Education Academy expresses heartfelt gratitude to organizers of ET TECH X 2023 as well as the Brainfeed Magazine, the co-organizer for this prestigious recognition and eagerly anticipates continuing its journey of educational excellence and innovation.

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