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Mohammed Lateef Khan Announce Umrah Pilgrimage Initiative for Orphan Students

Prominent Social Activist Wali Rahmani Motivates Orphaned Students with an Inspiring Speech

MS Education Academy in Hyderabad marked the onset of the New Year by celebrating the 4th annual Himmat Day, a tradition aimed at uplifting orphan students within MS institutions. A gathering of 2400 orphan students and their mothers convened at Mehboob Pride Palace Function Hall for this event.

The keynote speaker, social activist and lawyer Mohammed Wali Rahmani, drew parallels between being an orphan and the Prophet Muhammad’s childhood. Rahmani emphasized that as beneficiaries of this association, the orphan students should embody the virtues of the Prophet and act with courage. Highlighting his recent successful fundraiser, he urged them not to succumb to feelings of helplessness, emphasizing a steadfast belief in Allah.

MS Founder & Chairman Mohammed Lateef Khan shared his life story, underscoring the challenges he faced as an orphan. Encouraging the students, Khan announced an initiative to send high-achieving orphan students on Umrah pilgrimage, fostering motivation for academic excellence.

The chairman also detailed opportunities for orphans achieving academic milestones, such as admissions to prestigious institutions and achieving specific scores in exams, to embark on the Umrah pilgrimage.

Orphan students from MS institutions meeting the following academic criteria will be sponsored for Umrah pilgrimage:

    • Achieving a perfect 10 out of 10 CGPA in class 10
    • Scoring 985 or above in intermediate BPC/MPC
    • Attaining 980 or above in intermediate MEC
  • Securing 975 or above in intermediate CEC
  • Achieving Admission in IITs
  • Attaining a single-digit rank in EAMCET
  • Scoring 675 or more marks in NEET
  • Admission to a central university like Nalsar by passing in CLAT
  • Completing Hifz-e-Quran in 18 months through MS Hifz Academy.

Additionally, he highlighted the Widow Empowerment Program, which provided employment opportunities 49 mothers of orphan students at MS Creative Schools canteens and Zaibus Skills Centre initiative to empower the less fortunate women of the society.

Dr. Mohammed Moazzam Hussain, Senior Director, assured comprehensive support, coaching, and counseling for the students to achieve their goals.

The event concluded with a prayer led by Maulana Mohammed Abdul Rahim Ba Naeem, Vice President of Majlis-e-Ilmiyah. The day aimed to inspire and empower orphan students, reinforcing the academy’s commitment to their holistic development.

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