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‘Enchanting Dark Forest’ her first book is published on the Amazon Online platform

She is a student of MS Creative School and MS Junior College

In the realm of young minds exploring new frontiers, Sughra Ali Khan, a student at MS Education Academy, shines as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring authors. While her peers focus on school assignments and extracurricular activities, Sughra has accomplished a remarkable feat by not only writing her first book but also publishing it within a mere 10 days. ‘Enchanting Dark Forest,’ her debut book, has been published by BriBooks and is now available on the popular online platform, Amazon.

To honor of the young talented MSian author Sugra Ali Khan, MS Education Academy conducted a felicitation ceremony at MS Creative School (Akbar Bagh). MS Academic Director Dr. Syed Hameed congratulated and felicitated the young author and awarded an appreciation certificate. MS Creative School (Akbar Bagh) Principal Ms. Mahejabeen and Associate Director Mr. Ahmed Abdul Wasay also applaud Sughra Ali Khan for becoming a successful author and wish her success in her writing journey

The Journey of a Young Author: Sughra’s literary journey began under the guidance of Ms. Mahejabeen, the principal of MS Creative School, where she was a student. The school’s emphasis on expanding vocabulary and learning idioms played a vital role in nurturing Sughra’s passion for storytelling.

Sughra’s mother, Nigar, has been a strong pillar of support throughout her daughter’s literary endeavors. Nigar’s unwavering encouragement and the habit of reading books together with Sughra’s sister played a pivotal role in fostering her love for literature, nurturing her creative imagination and developing her storytelling skills.

The Writing and Publishing Process: Following the completion of her tenth-grade exams, Sughra dedicated four hours each day for ten days to bring her first book to life. Utilizing the resources provided by BriBooks, an innovative online platform empowering child to unleash their creativity and publish their own books,

‘Enchanting Dark Forest’: A Captivating Tale: This book takes readers on a captivating journey alongside Leah Mathew, a young girl residing in the kingdom of Nicobar. Leah’s insatiable curiosity and fascination with nature drive her to explore the mystical forest near her home, unraveling its secrets along the way. Sughra’s book showcases her vivid imagination and her ability to transport readers into a world brimming with wonder and magic.

Continuing the Literary Journey: Undeterred by her early success, Sughra has already embarked on her next literary endeavor—an untitled second book that promises to captivate readers’ hearts. Additionally, she actively participates in global book fairs and competitions, aiming to showcase her talent on an international platform and earn prestigious accolades.

Currently pursuing her Intermediate course at MS Junior College, Sughra stands as an inspiring example of what young minds can achieve with determination, creativity and the aid of technology. Her journey serves as a reminder to fellow students that it is never too early to pursue one’s passion and make a mark in the world of literature.

Sughra Ali Khan’s remarkable starting into the world of literature is a testament to the boundless potential harbored within the youth. As she forges her path to success, she urges others to embrace their dreams, pursue their passions and leave an indelible mark in the field of literature.

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